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Our invisible frog mascot
Our invisible frog mascot

Many people have written to me saying that they are unable compost comments. I have no web master or other kind of assistance, so I do my best with the software. There must be some bug in the system–nobody should have any problem posting a comment; The problems people are experiencing are not consistent with the settings. I finally (now) have removed even the one requirement that commenters identify themselves with an email address.

I welcome all comments. People have written asking me to please censor those commenters who are consistently negative, and/or insulting, bringing down the mood and spirit of the site. I have been reminded that it is my site and I should not hesitate to maintain order. Any time I have tried to in any way keep the negative/harassive comments under control, the harassers leap forth and accuse me of censorship. Even when they are in the middle of attacking me and/or others, they still claim they are being censored. Now I have changed the settings to no restrictions, so we can expect more attacks.

If you are consistently angry/offended/affronted/incredulous over what I post here, I would ask that you ask yourself why you come here and read material that only upsets you, since you have a fundamental problems with the site and the editor. (me.) And anybody who does not hate the site and the editor.

You are here because I created this site as a place for ideas and interpretations of what may or may not be happening in our world. A post is not an end point, but a starting point, for thought and dialogue.

If you were invited to a dinner parry at my home, and started attacking me and my guests, presumably you would experience regret, and expect to be shown the door.

This site is a voluntary event, in both directions. Therefore, I ask that all comments that are critical, avoid insults, sweeping character assassinations, and energetic attacks on people’s soul or character. If you wish to resolve an old conflict with me, I make myself available privately, through an email exchange. I have said before: I don’t pick fights, but if somebody else starts them, I am human and I sometimes get defensive and angry. I am not a robot.

Any comments that strike me as carrying a bullying energy, will be deleted. Any comments that are factually corrective, no matter how strongly worded, but contain no bullying energy or character assassination, or laments about how stupid I or other are, will remain.


If you have tried recently to comment and not succeeded, please try again, with the new settings. And thank you for letting me know about glitches in the system that I did not design.

As soon as I am able to afford it, I hope to do a comprehensive overhaul of the site, and clear up and and all annoying glitches, especially with the comments software.


Thank you.



12 thoughts on “About Comments: Guidelines”

  1. BROTHER STRAWBERRY: I HAVE NOT CENSORED ANY COMMENT, OF YOURS, OR OF ANYBODY’S, and have released all settings, that previously for some unknown reason were blocking people’s comments. There was a block in the code that I was not part of.

    I have tried so many times to explain to you from my point of view what it was that caused this terrible rift and it feels to me like you can not hear me. You are just SO full of hatred that I can’t get through. It is as though you are more attached to staying in the problem and the pain, the insult, that hearing the attempts at resolution. I ONLY asked that you keep private correspondences private.

    I ACCEPT that you think I am a total hypocritical shit-bag. I can’t take this any further. I have to focus on the hopeful and the good. I HAVE ALSO APOLOGIZED TO YOU many times, owned my anger, my unkindness AS A SIN that I struggle with, tried to explain what CAUSED it, and asked your forgiveness. I have done this as Truth Barrier posts and in private.

    Guess what? Mark Harris was angrier at me than you were. Well–AS angry. He wrote and asked if we could resolve it and we did so, despite the fact that nobody has ever written anything more eviscerating about my character here than he did (IN A STATE OF RAGE.) These are altered states, governed by demons. Do you even CARE to address your demons, or are you solely interested in mine?

      1. Is it true, yes or no, that I have tried many times to resolve this old argument that has resulted in your chronic rage? You never answer. Am I on record yes or no asking you WHAT I can SAY or DO to make you stop this campaign? I have admitted that I allowed myself to get weak, after countless rounds of being GOT AT, arrowed, and I became enraged finally. And I believe that was wrong, and I regret it.

        I am sorry. I have said so many times.

        You can either say:

        “I accept your apology,” or “I do not accept your apology.” Please let me know which one you choose.

      1. Most spicy nickname i ever earned. ta. Surely related to sauerkraut? good for the gut!

        adamantine wit
        births the sheer diamond.
        facetted, very bright and sharp.

        we might yet fall in love – through our ‘tennis’, our reciprocal rancidly poetic swipes, our finite, antipathetic gender-sparring, in letters – like Benedick and Ms. Thingummyjig did,
        in “Much Ado about Nothing”. [author unknown]
        One ‘can grow out of’ hypocrisy. They did.

        “Life’s a [dynamic] paradox.”
        ” I bow, in thanks to my opponent, for bringing out the best in me” ~ Fedora

  2. Nice to see that it’s working now.

    For a long time I could not comment because it did not recognize my wordpress identity. Now it is loading properly. Not that I could not have commented at all, but that I like people to know who I am up here in the peanut gallery. ( = P )

    I have thoroughly enjoyed just about everything you’ve brought to the table in the past months. Sorry you weren’t able to get all the good feedback till now (and I could/would have pounced on a couple bullies… = P ).

  3. compost comments?
    I wish I could.

    A word on the attacks.
    They make me sick too, when I read them.
    Ouch. Yuck.
    What do these people think other people are?
    Like the old song, but the puncture is deliberate this time, there’s a hole in my bucket, and that can be a GOOD thing. πŸ™‚ drainage.

    1. Brother Strawberry, you, in particular, disappoint.

      Every time I see your name, some deep down ‘i love strawberries’ [- with cream – from my childhood, when strawberries were scarce, strictly seasonal, and freshly amazing ] reaction is triggered.
      The layer of a more mature self – whose knowledge of America is patchy, a motley made of romance and suspicion?- quickly translates this, instantaneously, reaction into a sort of “Johnny Appleseed” [strawberries, not apples..] motif, and the thought [really a habit, not a thought..but it’s like I ‘think it’s a thought, and that’s but a habit, too πŸ™‚ ] goes through my mind – ‘Oh, one of those warm, encompassing, generous and grounded types, like the man who explained the Carole Quiggly effect, in whom I can place some trust!’. Thus I am given an opportunity to observe the next strata of my, by now geological ignorance. Thank you, by the way, for this..opportunity.
      I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

      And then, ….

      [ Pavlov faithfully relates? dogs, given sufficient repitition of the ‘lesson’, with consistent reward, can learn new tricks? ]
      …..as though the open one, { alive in me yet, – post ‘dearth of REAL strawberries’ – she who might drift easily merely across the surface of things – not that there is any actual Water here – but she umm..travels in a little way…
      Her eyes and thence – via the so direct! pathway of the optic nerve – her brain!
      gliding on …a membrane? …
      Yes, it feels like a membrane, erected there, sensitively,
      where me and Brother Strawberry, whoever he might be…join, our lives, the stuff of our lives, join.
      It is ephemeral, it ‘swims’ a moment, my mind with his mind, his word.
      Along, or through, a permeable – for I taste where he is coming from ..{ & bitter can be part of a salad, sure..part of water weed..} – a seeming-to-glisten, humanly shared, ‘conscious fluid’..

      ..Well, this is the Aquarian Age…could even be osmosis? ..Or, as though ‘window shopping’.. { well, they call it ‘Windows’ ! } – eyes moving ‘glassily’ ..through a substance posing as water, posing as nourishment.. she is, nevertheless…asking herself softly, nibblingly, through the apparent moisture…’will i drink, eat, this ?’…} her soft lip hooked briefly on the -wholesome and irresistible- potent nature of his pseudonym.

      This, in naive me, functions as ‘click bait’,..’eye bait’.
      My receptive eyes, as though hungry, drift down the page.
      Like someone with an eating disorder I take a bite of Brother Strawberry, again.
      How gullible am I? How many times have I done this? On Celia’s page, things take me quite unguarded. I have even lessened the frequency with which I go there, by way of avoiding my problem.

      But guess what! Thank you Pavlov. I learned.
      I don’t bite anymore. I move on past that shelf in the supermarket.
      I have developed a deterrent to that old, and often false, romance thing.
      I see “Brother Strawberry” – I caste my gaze to the side, as if it said ‘genetically modified’.
      [To be fair, I do this lately with a number of baits.. not only Brother Strawberry ]
      I inwardly resolve on eating – probably, organically grown- strawberries.
      He makes me eagerly look forward to eating right.
      My sensitive selection, my immune system, has been sharpened. It quivers, knowingly.
      I sniff with BOTH nostrils, the left and right..the discerning and the loving.
      A tiny brilliant – touchstone to sheer, knowing joy – glimmers secretly at the tip of my nose, a door to fresh breath feeding instantly the star hidden in the temple of my head. I don’t fall for you.

      This is what you stimulated, Brother Strawberry.
      I don’t read you anymore. I found you consistently boring, consistently habitual. Those are habits I can do without daily exposure to.
      There’s a toxicity there. You are always GETTING at somebody.
      That discrepancy between seeming and actuality which seems to be ‘your thing’, well, finally,
      I GOT it.

      “Seems Madam? I know not ‘seems’. ” ~ Hamlet, to Gertrude. Her son tells her she is living a lie. He knows right away. She takes most of the play, to ‘let this penny fall’ into her consciousness. {Well, slowness is not a crime, exactly.} My inner Hamlet got through to my inner Gertrude, in this matter, yes sir, “Brother Strawberry”, they are talking now, after the play, in the Wings.

      You are not a brother to me. You are not fruit.
      You made me so TIRED. And I KNOW it now.

      Toxic city ain’t my game, no more.
      Enough’s enough.
      Averting my gaze, I move intelligently, neutrally, keeping focus, right through that net, that mesh, you caste.
      What are you TRAWLING for, anyway?
      Not me!
      I’ll graze, nibble, elsewhere.

      I’m watching where true face-ts, realms, birthing individually, collectively, amongst us – if we dare! – might emerge. One knows a countenance where inner light gleams through. names can, too, be like that. If your name starts to gleam like that, constructively, I hope I get word of it.

      Let’s not waste our time.
      Integral, integrating, learning, edgy, fresh, enquiring, awake, tolerant, insightful,
      F R E E.

      1. Bernice
        You disappoint me.
        Your glittering nonsensical assault of my name and character clearly displays your blind pre-judging and ignorance.

        As I challenge Celia to present ANY evidence of the attacks she accuses me of barraging her with but she refuses to post under claims of confidentiality, I challenge you to present ANY words I have ever posted here that warrant your personal attack on my name and character. However colorfully worded and spiced with Shakespearean reference your attack may be it is nevertheless void of Truth or evidence. My posts here have NEVER attacked or berated another. I have challenged the blind worship of a bigoted, hateful narcissist now living in the White House reserved for leaders of this country and comparison of him with the revolutionary leader of Orwell’s 1984. Until you demonstrate otherwise you are nothing more than a liar.

        I have never attacked anyone here. The only example of my venom is when I called ericson a parody and that was for his defense of george w bush and after he called me a tool of satan.

        Fine. Don’t read the words you see posted following my name.
        But do not EVER again foul my name by soiling it with exposure to your breath, your tongue, or your hands on a keyboard.
        You are not worthy.

        How ironic and hypocritical that Celia tolerates the first reply to her new guidelines for posting here to be a personal attack against someone who she once claimed to treasure.
        A level of hypocrisy I have not witnessed in the thirty years since I left the church who blasphemes the name of the Christ I admire and strive to emulate.

        Never again foul my name with your breath, your tongue or your hands on a keyboard.
        You are not worthy.

      2. Is it just me or do these words from Bernice strike anyone else as reminiscent of a drunk friends ramblings?
        Saddens me that I will never get back the time I spent reading them. I have much better use for those moments.

        Never again soil my name by utterance on your tongue, nor foul it by issue on your breath.

        How’s that for Shakespearean?

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