5 thoughts on “THE ABNORMAL FIRES IN SONOMA: Trees Burning From Within, Structures Disappearing, And More: Theory Of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Presented”

  1. During the last big earthquake in Mexico, there were lights in the sky that are consistent with auroras.
    During the storms in Tx, again they did things that storms normally just don’t do. It’s as if they were being manipulated somehow.
    The story in Las Vegas, the shooter(s) story gets murkier every day.
    Fires from the inside of trees?

    Since when??

    since when?

    1. Mr. Ericson,

      The wholly scientific answer to your question (“Since when?”) COULD easily assure you that “fires from the inside of trees”, and the other physical phenomena you cited, ARE normal/natural occurremces in particular atmospheric circumstances such as those which prevailed in recent observations of said phenomena…

      …BUT, unfortunately, it has now become unlikely that the answer to your question will be allowed presentation in this comment section. My comments are now being censored by Ms. Farber. This comment will probably be censored by Ms. Farber.

      It seems that the objective of such censoring is to maintain various paranoid mythologies and gratifying superstitions, such as the paranoid mythology which asserts that “fires from the inside of trees” are not natural, not normal, and are proofs of conspiratorial deployment of secret technological machinations.

      So, Ms. Farber, to you I say, consider this comment as the obituary for the answer to Mr. Ericson’s question.

      I bid you, Happy Censoring, and Happy Paranoid Mythologizing Of Wholly Natural Spooky Things.

      Cheerio. 🙂

      1. That’s cool John, I’ve just never seen them prior. I’m 48 and I’ve been around, but whatever that’s cool.

        I don’t think your comments are being censored. It was some glitch and it also happened to me. Add to that that your conspiracy about your comments being censored by big Celia is dis-proven by this retort, is it not?

        Do you have any vid’s of lone trees burning from the inside out that happened a while back, or perhaps one of an open air fire melting Aluminium wheels?

        The other points that I presented in my reaction to the above video…the warrant no sarcasm? Why not? They’re way weirder. Earthquake lights are tinfoil hat fodder for sure.

        Here, check out the mocking tone Forbes coughs up…


        it’s funny, the original link that I saw clearly showed the flashes originating ABOVE the clouds has been pulled, and all of the links that they have up now seem to have to most blatant examples edited out. Isn’t that funny? Why was this video pulled? I think I know: because I’m a paranoid, liar. And worse I’m ok with that.


        I think the reason that I’m ok with being a…paranoid liar is because it just feels so natural. I think these days if you’re not a conspiracy realist, you’re just not interesting. The conspiracy denialists must think crazy things, like WT7 fell because it was on fire, or that Oswald truly wasn’t a patsy, or that the United States Maddox was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. That’s cool too I guess…it’s like the anti cool. Nobody will call you crazy for buying the story. Just a little dull perhaps. But not crazy, or paranoid, or a liar.

        It is strange though, why did that video have to be pulled? It’s like…how am I supposed to not be paranoid. That’s the thing. I just can’t fake it. I can’t do that ‘I’m a skeptic’ thing. It’s not only boring, it’s…wrong.

        Because that video is too new to be pulled out of circulation….who pulled it and why?


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