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“Have been using these stones for only a few days and all I can tell you is that Something Good is Happening. I have been feeling down lately with a disease that has been difficult to deal with. I am actually feeling much better and I wanted to give you a ‘testimonial’ that they work! I wear this around my neck 24/7 and I put them in my water and my cat’s water as well. Yesterday, they were dancing all around my lawn like it was the best day of their lives and today I have been feeling the same way. From my heart to yours, Nancy!”

“wow is right Mr Benton! I should also mention I have been able to cancel FIVE (that’s right 5 !!!) unique doctors appointments and am now going to slowly try to eliminate some of my meds on my own. I really think the Shungite has saved me so much money already in medical bills….. I will continue to post here and keep you updated to my progress. this is yet another day I am feeling like a spring chicken again.. nothing is hurting or aching and am mentally clear……………this is amazing!”


“Shungite had been linked to a multitude of healings. Old dog Josie had been doing so bad we thought she had only days left. I took a shungite pendant and put it on her collar. By the next day she had improved so significantly I actually forgot to give her medication. In the following three weeks she continued to get stronger. Instead of a dog who mainly slept and did not want to eat, I now have a dog who eats three times a day and spends most of the day dozing between being awake and taking short walks. The only change in what I was doing was the shungite. That was on March 5, 2014.


I admit this is very limited examples of what I have seen shungite do. Mostly it is a feeling that this mineral is just magical. I believe shungite takes negative energy and changes it into a positive energy while enhancing positive energy. It works to balance the human or animal energy fields that results in healing. Illness and aging are simply energy fields out of balance. Shungite works to bring back balance.

And since writing the above all I have seen is Gaia’s Gift of Shungite continually demonstrating rather mystical powers. Please, give yourself a change to experience Shungite. It is now May 13 and old dog Josie is better than she was six months before having the Shungite experience. And the friend diagnosed with lung cancer had the diagnose changed after wearing a Shungite pendant for a couple of weeks. Because they could not explain what had happened and did not want to admit to a misdiagnosis, the doctors claimed it was a 1-100,000 chance that the thing they thought was cancer was not. Was it chance or Shungite?”

N.L. Hopkins


“CAUTIONARY NOTE: One of the things brought on by Shungite is getting distance between people who are not good for you. The tell tale sign is someone is attacking you and you do not react emotionally. It is more of WTF moment. It is just a temporary distance. You need the space to grow. Once you get to a point of complete empowerment, those who were negative influences will be drawn back to you for healing.”

N.L. Hopkins

“I received my Shungite a couple of months ago….. and I have to say I was a total skeptic that it would do me any good what so ever.
My mind was mush, from all the drugs I was taking to keep my body working.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Crohns Disease, Thyroid Disease, COPD and a host of several other health problems…..that were all keeping me from living life…….
.. after about a month… I (and my hubby) noticed I was thinking clearer … I was not so spaced out, and could actually hold a nice long conversation. The true test was when hubby let me balance our checkbook for the first time in several years .. and it was a success! ….. as time passed I continued to drink my shungite water and wear my pendants daily….
Not kidding you ~ one day I just woke up feeling so good, I decided I would tried to take a walk, … just a short one, didnt want to over do and hurt like hell the following day. The next day, the same thing, walked a wee bit farther than the day before.. and over the last few weeks I have finally walked myself back up to an entire mile. You dont know how good this feels to move like this again! I have alot of weight to drop from sitting so much and so many steroids and walking will help me do it quickly!!! Before I broke down and got “sick” I walked 3 miles daily without fail.
I FIRMLY in my heart believe if not for the Shungite, my brain would still be in a fog .. and I would not be having the clarity or energy I have …. I HAVE DONE NOTHING different than purchasing the Shungite and using it !! please please believe me when I say to TAKE THE CHANCE and make that purchase! I was at the end of my ropes and so desperate,
~ seriously ready to even off myself even ~
I will never be without my pendants … and I will continue to keep moving and walking… and never give up trying to get back to my normal life !!! THANK YOU NANCY, THANK YOU for the quick & courteous delivery and providing me with a stone that is so magical, so unbelievably unique… that I can hardly believe it myself !!!!!!”



My quiet awe about the energy transforming effects of shungite only grows, with each passing day. I’m way more stable, less distracted, less armored, less exhausted.  In fact, I’m downright energized, to the point of feeling like I was returned to my body, after about 10 years of being in energetic exile.

We are under Ahrimanic energy field attack like never before; Shungite is the secret weapon, to restore harmony, repel bad energy, cut EMF fields, resolve countless ailments, dispel hatred, and repair broken love.

Within 24 hours of wearing my shungite pendant, my persistent, annoying eye allergies vanished, (about 2 weeks ago) and have not returned, except for the one time I took the pendant off, overnight.

The allergies were only getting worse, no matter what I ate, or didn’t, and despite countless supplements, which I have now (on the gentle advice of two very wise friends) stopped taking altogether–for now.

My energy is shifting noticeably. I can fulfill tasks, without “splitting.” I have kept my desk clean, and am sometimes waking up in the early morning to re-organize drawers. (This qualifies almost as para-normal.)

The plants are growing beautifully, and the whole apartment feels peaceful.

My father actually came into the room where I was talking to my son on the phone, within 15 minutes of having his shungite in his pocket, and he said: “I feel noticeably better! Is that possible?” His wife Sara cleared a chronic stomach problem by the next morning, and called me, amazed.

It seems to make tap water taste like spring water, no chlorine smell. (The cats have shungite in their water bowl as well.)

Lewis and shungite

I notice also, that I am less defensive, less armored. I can think about my flaws, sins, shortcomings, and accept myself without feeling such a sense of metallic dread as I used to. I can also think about all the very painful things that have happened, and feel the embedded shards loosening, dissolving. Forgiveness (of self and others) is no longer just language, but something I can finally experience in my own energetic field.


I don’t think the word miracle is too big a word.

This is a trusted source of shungite in the US (originally I ordered it straight from Karelia) and I think you will be interested to read the many testimonials, and treasure trove of shungite information, here:


P.S: Brother Strawberry and John Powell, email me your mailing addresses and I will send you shungite. I’d like to see what might happen.

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