The Black Lion: What Is Shungite, And How Can It Help Humanity?


Some of you may have noticed a long, breathless and (even by my standards) tangential article that appeared here about a week ago, about a carbon mineral called “Shungite” that had made me hysterical with excitement. I woke up in the middle of the night and my voice that always talks told me it was “clinically insane” and I had better take it down.

So I took it down. I am going to ask a friend to edit it for me (he is an editor) until it sounds sane.

If I am right, and if the other Shungite enthusiasts are right, then this mystery mineral can heal broken, perturbed energy fields, and reverse all forms of degradation to life. I would not advocate something that I have not tested myself. I took my Shungite pendant off once in the last week, and it resulted immediately in chaos to my body in the form of a profound allergy attack. Once I put it back on, the allergy cleared again, along with my energy, mood, and concentration.

I listened to this broadcast tonight–and decided to start Shungite Week at The Truth Barrier with this fascinating interview with Walt Silva, who calls himself an “energy explorer.”

The article I took down contains a story about how I have been obsessed with the region of Karelia–the only place real Shungite exists–for about 16 years. But that can all wait.

Why and how Shungite has these properties that seem “magical” will be explained more in future posts.




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