Women Come Forward To Expose VICE/Broadly “Feminism” Journalist Of Rape and Battery


Is it arrogant to say “I told you so.”

[I’m almost ready to re-name this whole website I Told You So.]

I am on record warning women about “feminist” men, in media especially.

I hope I am also on record saying VICE is like First Class Rail for demonic entities and sociopathy.


2 thoughts on “Women Come Forward To Expose VICE/Broadly “Feminism” Journalist Of Rape and Battery”

  1. I think “I told you so” may be the way to go. People seem to thrive on mocking tones and confrontation. People these days seem allergic to anyone who questions the official story, god forbid, on pretty much any topic, and they love taking a mocking tone over something they know little about.

    So, yes. Mock, sneer. They deserve it. I’ve seen what you said about what’s his name…yelly Joe from England…Paul Joeseph Watson. He’d be great if only he’s calm down and have a rational conversation instead of bludgeoning his adversaries with what appears to be sound logic. Which is true, it would be a better show. But how many followers would he have?

    The thing is, to me…I have to take Paul’s tone on things here and there, because they deserve it.

    EVERYONE knew that Harvey Weinstein is what he is. How did I know but Hillary and Bill and Barry and Michelle didn’t? That’s NONSENSE.
    Why should I be ok about being lectured by Matt Damon about this, that and the other, every day, while he did everything he could to protect this “Monster” Harvey Weinstein?

    How many more of these ‘everybody knew’ situations are there going to be? You want to hear an “I told you so”? I’m just going to say it: there will be the same kind of fall out and scandal about some ring of child molesters and more in Hollywood. It will go very high up, and there will be people who’s names you know, who are involved or knew and said nothing. We should be shaking the bars on that cage right now. Come one, come all, whoever knows anything speak up now.

    These people deserve our sneering condescension. Michelle Obama is going to attack Trump for being sexist, when we know that she knew about so much worse, right under her nose? Yeah, it’s politics. But…

    This little puke in the story above? That’s just the left in general. They promote degradation of women, they call themselves feminists, they call it irony and they’re fucking rich.

  2. Who says he was a feminist? Who decides what feminism is?

    If one’s assessment and definition of being a feminist is equivalent to one’s assessment and definition of being a demonic entity, then one’s reference characteristics of being a feminist ought to be very precisely described.


    What is a feminist?

    Can a person who simply endorses freedom for the female, and simply defines that as feminism for herself/himself, be justly condemned as a demonic entity?

    Is it not folly to condemn, with broad brushes, a population whose definitions are so diverse?

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