Las Vegas Massacre: Hidden Facts, Some Of The Lies Slowed Down


I think Paul Joseph Watson is a gifted fact-finder, but his degree of loathing, for the liars on the Globalist, PC left, undermines his impact a bit.

I always wish he was about 70% less livid, so these videos could be 90% more impactful. Because they are always incredibly eye-opening.

He’s an excellent Angry-Young-Man journalist and I say that with respect for the lost role of anger, in journalism.

Pretending to not have emotions about what is going on is reprehensible J-school posture.

He’s really good. But I want to give him some L-Theanine.


4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Massacre: Hidden Facts, Some Of The Lies Slowed Down”

  1. Somehow Paul Joseph Watson missed explaining why America has far more mass shootings, far more gun deaths, and far more gun deaths than other civilized countries. Yemen is close, however.

    And let’s say that the shooter was a deluded leftist. Would that imply that all leftists are secretly waiting to kill? Or that leftists will stop arguing for gun control if commies are wielding the guns?

    America has a problem with guns. And only gun control will solve it. There was an evil person in Edmonton with a truck and a knife, and he didn’t manage to kill even one person.

  2. There never was, and never will be “planetary harmony” without violence. It is interwoven into the fabric of existence, and extolling the virtue of no dogma or creeds is simply silly.

  3. “Creeds and dogmas are the doom of the planetary harmony and bliss which exists as a dormant and yearning inner potential throughout the whole of our human species.”

    Hip hip Hooray! Someone said it, very sensibly. Thank you.

    According to the Vedic sages, { who listened so intently to murmuring, singing, vibrating God, that essence birthed its truth, its practicality, in their very ears..} we have planetary magic -on and in- each of our fingers. Each of our finger tips wears implicitly its golden crown! Infinity births right at the edge of Finity, in the human being! Various qualitative powers live there, “dormant”. Now this are the PISTILS that really matter [for example]. We are born to flower, each and every one. Hip hip hooray ~ Shall we dance?

  4. There are “gifted fact finder[s]” and “excellent Angry-Young-Man journalist[s]” at every point on the habitually-adversarial political/philosophical spectrum: On the extreme left, the far left, the Globalist PC left, the moderate left, the centrist left, the centrist right, the moderate right, the Nationalist PC right, the far right, and the extreme right.

    Creeds and dogmas are the doom of the planetary harmony and bliss which exists as a dormant and yearning inner potential throughout the whole of our human species.

    The incapability of most human beings to independently transcend creeds and dogmas is what keeps most human beings from unitedly and blissfully seeking, hearing, appreciating, and harmonizing with the entire political/philosophical spectrum’s diversity of “gifted fact finder[s]” and “excellent Angry-Young-Man journalist[s]” who, equally unfortunately, themselves tend to be virulently, self-hypnotically habituated into the ancient, primitive, pathogenic mindset of fostering and promoting one or the other of the creeds and dogmas which demonize fact finders and journalists they’ve habitually identified with one of the characterizing placements on that habitually-adversarial political/philosophical spectrum.

    So, here our humanity is, with all of its gifted fact-finders and excellent Angry-Young-Man journalists expressing the very knowledge and understanding which our humanity needs for un-dooming itself, but doing so from within demonizing creeds, dogmas, and self-placement points on a habitually adversarial political/philosophical spectrum that can ONLY generate less of the harmony and bliss necessary to nullify the doomsday fate facing all of us locally, nationally, and internationally, every day.

    “Death defying, mutilating
    armies gather near.
    Crawling out of
    dirty holes,
    their morals, their morals
    Yesterday a morning came,
    a smile upon your face.
    Caesar’s palace, morning glory,
    silly human, silly human race.
    On a sailing ship to nowhere,
    leaving any place.”

    -Yes, 1971

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