1 thought on “According To Numerous News Sources, ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility For Las Vegas Mass Shooting”

  1. ISIS. Sure. But really who created ISIS?

    What we’re seeing here, to me it seems inescapable,is what Yuri Bezminov would have called the ‘chaos’ part of the plan. That’s really all that you need to know.

    The FBI says that they found no connection to terror groups. Really? How long did they look? He owned 2 homes, at least on of which was very nice. He was a gambler, loved to gamble.

    How mysterious does this guy have to be? If the FBI is so convinced that ISIS isn’t a motivator, perhaps they’d like to ask their friends in the CIA, or everyone in their own local office who this guy is?
    He’s a bringer of chaos. And he targeted who? Trump supporters. That’s it. There’s nothing else that truly can be a known known about this case. The rest of it will be ‘conspiracy theories’.


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