Baxter Dmitry Reports That Hugh Hefner Was A Pedophile, And Was Murdered

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This article (that you are reading) is strictly reporting that this article has appeared.

I am well aware that there have been times when has published less that rock solid reportage. My sense of that landscape is that as their reporters go, Baxter Dmitri is the high end.


“Hugh Hefner was found dead in suspicious circumstances on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, just days before he was set to be arrested on child sex charges, according to a Los Angeles police source.

Hefner had been dealing with police on a daily basis for the past three weeks, trying to work out a plea deal, after an investigation, launched in 2009 after a lawsuit was filed against Hefner, suddenly “went hot.”

11 thoughts on “Baxter Dmitry Reports That Hugh Hefner Was A Pedophile, And Was Murdered”

  1. Both of you do nothing but bash me EVERY comment you make. You NEVER admit when you are wrong. Never. That is the definition of harassment.

    I don’t care anymore what you think of me. Knock yourselves out defending a man who published nude photos of a 10 year old girl.

    Maybe you ARE a tool of Satan. NORMAL people are simply APPALLED.

  2. I love how EVERYTHING is a conspiracy with you guys !! Its so awesome. Please tell me how Hillary Clinton was involved……please, please, please

    1. Be respectful, Wayne, or we’ll never reveal the sordid details behind the Easter Bunny, or who really created Santa Claus.

    2. Well, at the very least they swim in the same Beverly Hills swamp. Hillary shows up looking for money, and then they give it to her. Like Saudi Arabia. It’s a machine that can keep things quiet if it wants to. Like for example, Bill Cosby. It turns out that for 40 years he drugged and rapped women, over 5o of them in fact. It was one of those known knowns, like the faking of the moon landing, or that there was more than one Lassie.

      At this point I give not a flying shit what anybody says about any of these people because at the end of the day chances are it’s true, if not about Hef than someone he knew that he didn’t talk about for some reason. Like his bud Billy Cosby.
      The playboy mansion, in our reality, and in our minds was the type of place where you’d get an infection from going in the hot tub.

  3. Mr. Powell: When you begin with “I’m having trouble finding composure to choose words and form sentences” nobody familiar with your many comments on this forum would encourage you to do so.
    “The document was written by a woman who is clearly one of the most delusional, psychotic, hallucinatory schizophrenic individuals ever to live on planet earth.” Really? no ethical clinical psychiatrist would draw such conclusions based on a document written by someone he or she has not personally interviewed.
    Further, one could as easily argue that a woman abused at age 5 might not be in command of all her faculties later in life. Your comment the document was both “insane” and “faked” –judgments you are not qualified to make–indicates your attempt to cover all possibilities.
    Finally, Mr. Powell, you have a record of attacking people who discuss pedophilia on this forum, as if you would have us believe it doesn’t exist, or is too distasteful a topic to be discussed in polite society.
    Perhaps you might consider talking to a mental health professional about this habit of yours.

    1. Celia
      Do you truly not find this offensive assault on Mister John Powell and his civil, logical, well-written comment to be more deserving of your response and rebuke than when I call ericson a parody?

      But, then again, you said nothing when ericson suggested I was a tool of satan.

  4. A rather simple sense of law enforcement standards and procedures should inform anyone with said simple sense, that if Dmitri’s so-called “report” were true, the case record AND the arrest warrant would be readily available to the public; and the L.A. press would be jumping all over the story.

    Furthermore, if Dmitri’s “report” were true, the county/city Medical Examiner would have been present at the scene of death, along with Police and EMT responders, and the Medical Examiner would be obligated to determine and to inform the public whether or not the death occurred under suspicious circumstances. That information would also be available in the Case Reports composed that day by the Medical Examiner, the Police, and the EMT responders. All such reports are accessible for the public and the press. They can be viewed on a walk-in basis, and/or purchased online or by phone order, in either hard-copy, or on digital disc, or sent electronically in PDF.

    Dmitri is a sensationalist, using either a ridiculously absurd and easily discredited “source”, or basing his “report” on a source who lives only in his imagination.

    1. I feel so stunned that I’m having trouble finding composure to choose words and form sentences.

      It is shameful to give ANY airing or voice to accusations of pedophilia which are based on a non-existent Police investigation, a non-existent court case, and a fraudulent claim of confirmation by a “source” who is a non-existent Police Officer.

      Did you, Stephen, or you, Celia, bother to look at the absolutely insane (literally, insane) and FAKED/FABRICATED “court record” which Mr. Dmitri tells us was the legal case used by the L.A.P.D. to commence its investigation of Mr. Hefner?

      Dmitri supplied the link to that so-called “court record” right there in his article: The article you linked to above, Celia.

      Read it!!!!! Read that FAKED “court document” COMPLETELY, and then come back here and tell me you still believe that the L.A.P.D. would have opened a criminal investigation if the L.A.P.D. was ever presented with that FAKED court document.

      The document was written by a woman who is clearly one of the most delusional, psychotic, hallucinatory schizophrenic individuals ever to live on planet earth.

      No, the L.A.P.D. would not and did not open a criminal investigation based on that faked document.

      No, the L.A.P.D. officer whom Mr. Dmitri says was his source does not exist, because the L.A.P.D. never would and never did use that clearly insane woman’s faked court document as a “Probable Cause” rationale for conducting a pedophile investigation of Hugh Hefner.

      These facts are OBVIOUS to anyone who, WITHOUT preconceived bias and malicious prejudice, considers the claims and so-called evidences presented by Mr. Dmitri.

      It is immoral, reprehensible, shameful, to publish or re-publish ANYTHING which uses assertions that can easily be recognized and exposed as fraud, to spread IN ANY WAY the accusation that someone is a pedophile and is being pursued as such by law enforcement.

      That is NOT journalism. It is EVIL. One cannot make oneself innocent of doing that evil, by saying that one is only innocently spreading the evil.

      You, Celia, made a decision to spread that evil. YOU are accountable for that.

      1. I stand with John Powell and his well-reasoned, well-written, logical and fact based reply. Did anybody else here read the statement linked in the article?

      2. I have proven that Hugh Hefner was a pedophile pornographer. John, what would YOU call publishing full frontal photos of a 10 year old girl. I’m sick of you raising bullshit and NEVER backing down when you are proven WRONG.

        Brother Strawberry, how do YOU defend defending John Powell defending a child pornographer. I think you both deserve to be banned.

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