Is Judy Wood “Pure Disinformation?” Another Perspective On Her Directed Energy Weapon Model of 9/11


My Facebook friend Andrea Gambioli wrote:

“Judy Wood’s theories are pure disinformation, to confuse and divide the truther’s movement (which is in fact what happened).”

He posted this retort to her work.

In any case, this opens up the discussion to Directed Energy Weapons, which is probably important, in a horrifying way.

16 thoughts on “Is Judy Wood “Pure Disinformation?” Another Perspective On Her Directed Energy Weapon Model of 9/11”

  1. Didn’t mean to disparage earthworms and their kin in my previous comment. They, after all, make soil, bless their little hearts. Should’ve said maggots.

  2. How they were taken down is secondary to the fact that they were demolished on purpose. First, a new independent investigation must be done, then you can clarify what actually happened. Though Andrea Gambioli has a point and her theory is not reasonable, according to, it will only be disinformation if you lose focus on what must come first.

    1. I completely agree, Pål . The modality is not very much relevant, but it CAN and it WILL be used against us unless it’s bulletproof. That’s why I think JW arguments are dangerous for the Truthers movement.

  3. Having looked at the body of evidence, I would say it lends powerful support to the explosive, planned demolition hypothesis for the three buildings which “collapsed,” and thus the DEW hypothesis is nothing but a distraction There is no other plausible explanation for building 7. On the other hand, I think you’re right that the prospect of DEW’s is horrifying. And there is little doubt that DARPA or some other Pentagon agency has developed them. They may not have much need for them, though, since another Pentagon agency, the Public Health Service, is rapidly destroying the health and fertility of America’s children with their 18th-century quackery called “vaccination.”

      1. I mean no disparagement of Dr. Wood or her work. She’s doing real science, and it is interesting, if implausible. But her theory doesn’t account for key evidence, such as the widespread therrmite residues found in the dust. This is a material which simply wouldn’t be found outside of restricted military areas. And I find it highly unlikely that DEW technology is far enough advanced to do what was done to those three buildings. I think R. A. Davis is on to something, however it wouldn’t make any sense to use nuclear explosives. Very likely, I think, that Israeli intelligence was in cahoots with the Dulles/Angleton-descendent rogue faction in the CIA in preparing the buildings for “collapse.” As for the hijacking, I’m in the midst of reading Andrew Cockburn’s piece in Harper’s about “the trial.” It may very well be that the whole operation was planned and orchestrated by the Saudi’s, along with the other two. Saudi interests often align with Israel’s, since their greatest wrath is directed at the Shia, and Israel’s most hated enemy is Shiite Iran. The D.C. neocons who brought this off are amoral worms and cowards. The ancient punishment “boats” would be a suitable punishment for them. Trump has hired a few of these bastards.

  4. Begin with the evidence, before putting forth a theory, that is what Judy Wood has done, right or wrong, she has the proper sequence of steps down

  5. I fail to understand how a conclusion arrived at by a scientist which is different from the general consensus can be termed ‘disinformation’. Are we to stop thinking?

      1. With all due respect Andrea, I am currently deep into IW’s book right now, and for anyone to say that the DEW conclusion “is not supported by any facts” is inaccurate.. and a little reckless

    1. I think we have to face the nasty realization that a big part of the human condition involves the need to be “right” over knowing what is true.. our capacity for self delusion seems almost limitless

  6. Most plausible theory I’ve heard is that the Israels spent weeks rigging the structures with low-yield nuclear charges, that later were triggered in a designed sequence., to bring the building down in its own footprint.
    It explains the drastic increase in cancer cases in the ensuing months.

    1. Maybe nukes are not necessary, nano-thermitic explosives would suffice. The dust itself could be the cause of the cancer increase.

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