Jeffrey St. Clair On “What Happened”– Amazon Can’t Delete This One

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It has been pointed out that Silicon Valley and the Tech-Topus, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon et al, are the helm of the new American Totalitarianism–its de-facto “deep state–” and that the actual, lumbering “government,” uses said Tech-Topus to enact its agendas, polish its mirrors, send its critics “to the cornfield.”

No longer trying to be covert or subtle, it has instead begun to perform its bloodbaths on free speech in plain view, followed by paternalistic justifications as to why the world is a better place this way, and it was only acting in the best interest of the Nation, Truth, and The Right And The Good. (Political Correctness fulfilled.)

Hillary Clinton’s latest book What Happened (is the title a nod to the “diabolical Joseph Heller?) (that word, by the way, comes from his daughter) came out last Wednesday. The day after its release, there were 1,600 predictably polarized reviews: About half had given it 5 stars, slightly less than half, one star.

Along comes Mr. Clean, arms folded, ready to fight and kill germs of wrong opinion. The very next day, over 1100 negative reviews had been purged by Big Brother, leaving 460 positive ones. The following day, a dash of free expression was added back to the bland soup, leaving us with 626 positive reviews, of which 607 were glowing, but also (hey, you’re still free, Americans) 22 negative ones. Those token 22 are meant to be the way these megalomaniacs at Amazon disabuse you of your deplorable “free speech” baby rattles.

Obedient Bland Soup Media wrote Obliging articles explaining in maternalistic tones why Daddy Amazon had to do what it did to take care of us all. You see, some reviewers are suspect, and what makes them suspect is they never reviewed any previous books. Fair enough. They also couldn’t possibly have had time to read the 400 page tome and review it so fast, hence they deserve to be eliminated as troll-roaches. Follow the logic and the magic: Positive reviewers can read and review a book in the exact time frame!

[The stats I relied upon are documented here.]

This trifecta (that is the first and I hope only time I will use that pompous word) of traumatizing corporate PC narcissism, was sealed by the one quality all reviewers had to prove: They had purchased the book on Amazon, and could prove “verified purchase.” 100% of reviewers were “verified.”

Who loves freedom, raise your hand!

The somewhat good news: Things are getting so obscene and out of hand, that plain old fashioned websites are becoming popular again, as information life rafts. The Truth Barrier is one of them, and if you will subscribe, and have faith, (and consider making a tiny regular monthly donation of $5,) I will stop putting most of my writings on Zuckerberg’s surveillance site Facebook, and focus them here instead. I am well aware of the gravity of the situation, and it calls for all people who value non-state sanctioned corporate news to help these tiny rafts star afloat as the war intensifies.

We still have ham radios. We still have a few well-positioned lunatics who love reality more than money, and are prepared to die 1000 ways to smuggle the contraband to the West.

Julian Assange, Ham Radio King, is a very good curator of non-corporate media–things written by people using their own minds, on their own platforms–and he tweeted this remarkable review of What Happened by Jeffrey St. Clair, editor of the journal CounterPunch, founded by the late Alexander Cockburn.

I feel bad for the 1100 and counting who bought the book on Amazon and saw their (admittedly rushed) reviews expunged–something I doubt Amazon has ever told its customers is something that can and may happen. After all, reviews are core and critical to Amazon’s business model. Reviews drive our purchases.

But this review by St. Clair can be read in lieu of those perished ones, and reality (a word I prefer to “truth”) survives its infinite, squalid hunting packs. Nobody “hates” Hillary Clinton for “being a woman.” Rather, it is being a traumatizing narcissist who can’t open her mouth without polishing her 12 refracting mirrors, splayed as on a 1960s Mod Vespa.

As St. Clair points out, even every admission of guilt, error, or responsibility, morphs quickly into a boast laced with victimhood. Narcissists love to say: “I’m sorry the cruel, insulting thing I did or said was misunderstood by rubes, when in fact I was perfectly justified and you know what, come to think of it I’m not sorry.”

“The closest Hillary comes to any admission of personal liability is when she discloses that she may have blundered when she smeared Trump’s supporters as “deplorables.” Then she suddenly pulls back, recalibrates and defends her denunciation of white working class voters as an act of courage, speaking truth to the powerless, even though it may have harmed her. “I regret handing Trump a political gift with my ‘deplorables’ comment,” she writes. “[But] too many of Trump’s core supporters do hold views that I find — there’s no other word for it — deplorable.” What started as a confession ended in a boast.

Of course, Hillary Clinton has never been able to conceal her contempt for her enemies, real and imagined. It’s one reason she’s never been a successful politician. Where others are supple, she is taut. Unlike Bill, Hillary is a prolific, but graceless and transparent liar. She is also probably the nastiest political figure in America since Nixon. Yet she lacked Nixon’s Machiavellian genius for political manipulation. Hillary wears her menace on her face. She could never hide her aspiration for power; her desire to become a war criminal in the ranks of her mentor Henry Kissinger (symbolized by the laurels of a Nobel Peace Prize, naturally). Americans don’t mind politicians with a lust to spill blood, but they prefer them not to advertise it.”


Hillary Happened

9 thoughts on “Jeffrey St. Clair On “What Happened”– Amazon Can’t Delete This One”

  1. Censor the Internet??!! Yet you do the same here. If it anything you disagree with you attack and Censor.
    “Strange surprise
    What i despise
    In other guys
    Is here in me”

    -the who

  2. Just curious. No malice, assault or affront intended.

    Do you not agree that too many of his core supporters hold views that can not be described as anything but deplorable?
    I mean did you not see the nazi flags and salutes flying beside trump banners?
    Or the ones marching in the street carrying torches?

    Would you describe pro-nazi white supremacists as anything but deplorable?

    Just curious. No malice, attack or affront intended.
    Only trying to understand your view.

    You should put an option here that allows someone to be notified when their comment is deleted and censored.

  3. You’re a genius of observation and verbalisation as well as extremely curious, open and surprising in the angles you manage to shift yourself to observe reality. While doing that you remain humble, unafraid to reveal your difficulties, always trying to be as true to yourself as possible. It’s entertaining, intellectually challenging, humbling, eye opening. Mainstream is dull, vile, spiritually dangerous and deadly boring. I love writers like you. Unlike the Hillarys of the world, you reconcile me with humanity.

    1. Just couldn’t resist throwing in a little Hillary hate there could you?

      Do you not agree that white supremacists declaring trump victory as their own and marching in the streets with torches and nazi flags while sieg-heiling and shouting “white power” is deplorable?

      Did you not see the swastikas flying next to trump banners?

      What would you call it?

      and cue censoring deletion of this comment in 3,2…

  4. As has been said:
    The more the liars and manipulators doctor the reality, the more people will turn to Truth Barrier and other “rafts” of balance for information…

    1. As one who was pulled from the swirling death pool of AZT toxicity that drowned so much of the late-mid 80’s and saved by the life raft that was ground-breaking research journalism of Celia Farber daringly reporting dissent to the clearly failing proposed yet still unproven theory of HIV as causation for sexually transmitted viral epidemic immune failure, it causes me great alarm and concern that so few here seem to recognize this once sturdy raft kept buoyant by the balance of truth is leaning dangerously to one side.

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