Truth Barrier Bug/Ransomware–Going Offline For Repair


The post from yesterday about Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss’ HPV YouTube series “Sacrificial Virgins” was spread across many vaccination-aware groups on FB. A FB friend central to the movement emailed me today:

“Hi Celia, I’ve shared your latest Truth Barrier post in several groups. Someone just commented that your site is trying to install ransomware on their phone, and suggested viewing the embedded video directly on YouTube.”

I am not sure why this is happening but am going to park The Truth Barrier off-line, to be safe, while I solve it. Please go to YouTube and type in “Sacrificial Virgins” to get a safe video upload. Many apologies if anybody has had trouble with ransomeware via TTB. I hope to solve the problem soon.



Here is a comment that came in, following last night’s post:


GARDASIL gave my daughter CERVICAL CANCER at 17.
She died on Christmas Eve 2013, just 8 days after her 20th birthday.
RIP Jessica D. 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

Ps… One day very soon, I will hunt down and “vaccinate” the ENTIRE Board of Directors of MERCK Pharma.

E-7 Ret.

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