What Did A 2000 United Nations Document Reveal About The Plan To Flood Certain Countries With Migrants, Socially Engineered for Decades?


“In other words, this is the way they’re implementing it. The EU is there as a sub-unit of global governance. It’s there to consolidate the European countries, so they can then be subsumed into the world governance. That was what the Trans Atlantic and the Trans Pacific partnerships were about.”

–David Knight

Note: I think defenders of the EU at this point ought to be ashamed of themselves. But they never are. They keep invoking the “peace in Europe,” fairytale.

2 thoughts on “What Did A 2000 United Nations Document Reveal About The Plan To Flood Certain Countries With Migrants, Socially Engineered for Decades?”

  1. It may well be entirely coincidental. The idiots in charge (neocons who destroyed Middle East stability and Hillary/Obama likewise in Libya) have no idea of the actual consequences their actions may produce, nor did they likely give much consideration to the likely consequences. The UN, like WHO and the EU are just as incompetent and dangerous as the “leaders of the free world,” but reality follows its own circuitous path. I have little confidence that Trump won’t continue on this merry path of the murder of innocents. The only thing of value we can do (other than truth-seeking) is to take care of our own health and welfare, that of our families, friends, neighbors, and community, and read “The Smear.” Thanks Dubya for John Roberts-Citizen’s United vastly expanded the smear machine, which entirely defines “journalism” today. The only saving grace is that there are still plenty of intelligent folks in the land of the free. My greatest concern is the young. The number of children in special education here (and in the UK and Ireland) is growing exponentially, and will soon bankrupt governments. Because they are being systematically poisoned en masse by the CDC, Bayer/Monsanto, Big Ag, pharma, etc. And now lead in the water in Pittsburg (worse than Flint!). See lifebiomedguru for this story.

  2. Okay, I think I got it now.

    Trump is continuing, perpetuating and expanding the terrorism of the West’s global slaughtering in illogical wars (wars which “THEY” planned to implement global governance), and that perpetuation/expansion of the West’s terrorizing global slaughtering generates ever-increasing numbers of innocent refugees AND ever-increasing numbers of understandably angry instruments of retaliation (angry instruments called “terrorists”), but, BUT…

    …Trump is good, because he wants to cancel international agreements which provide welcoming love and hope for the refugees his slaughtering is producing; and because he’s not one of the “THEM” who are concerned about the West’s VERY REAL and growing inability to fund Social Security for its ageing citizens.

    Okay, I got it now. Pax Irresponsible, Incoherent, Untenable Chaos (P.I.I.U.C., pronunciation the same as ‘puke’).

    Oh I feel so relieved and reassured. Hail to the doctrine of destruction of the administrative state, and to Steve Bannon, the Svengali and mass-marketer of that doctrine: He who so courageously, so gloriously declared that his ideal role models for the use of power are Vladimir Lenin, and Satan.

    “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” “Darkness is good: Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.”

    Glory hallelujah!!! Governance by P.I.I.U.C.!!!

    Bombs away, every way, everywhere, every day.

    Caution to the wind. Come whatever may.

    I got it now. Okay.

    Death Wish portraying Populism, on display.

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