3 thoughts on “This Place Could Use Some Communism”

  1. The world is full of straw man arguments. If you have to imagine your enemy to win the argument it is because you couldn’t win a real argument.

    1. So very well said, David Crowe.

      Creators of conveniently-composited false characterizations always create the enemy which their imagination can always triumph over.

      It’s sad to see people do that, because they know the dishonesty of what they’re doing, and that dishonesty diminishes their capacity for objective and holistic compassion within their humanity.

      If ever they allow for real information, real evidence, being brought to a real table at which they are willing to sit with real studious intent, then their imagination’s imperial castles vanish with the vapors of vainglory, when the sunrays of Reality meet and melt all the icy illusions which their falsehoods have created.

      This place could use some communism not defined by cartoons or psychopathic revolutionary killers, or creators of conveniently-composited false characterizations.

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