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  1. It’s good information. Someone brought up the point that not every stage four cancer is the same. Some cannot eat and others cannot drink a lot of liquid. It can get very complicated depending on which organs are involved. Sometimes people do take on a program and heal themselves without help, but I definitely recommend getting professional herbal or naturopathic advice so they can help you decide the best strategy based on your individual circumstances – whether its a raw food retreat or an integrative medical center that offers IV Vitamin C. For people who cannot eat, you can still use essential oils and other topical therapies (DMSO, etc.) and energy healing techniques as well. Qi gong is helpful as well as Reiki. There’s a great book out there called Curing Cancer with Carrots by Ann Cameron who healed herself of a doctor-verified Stage Four colon cancer by drinking 5 cups of fresh carrot juice per day. Bernard Jensen, a chiropractor and nutritionist used to cure cancer by using a carrot juice fast for 30 days combined with colema board (colon cleansing). Dr. Christopher, considered the father of American Herbalism used carrot juice and something called the incurables program and cured many cases. Ann Wigmore cured many cases with up to 8 ounces fresh wheatgrass juice per day along with colon cleansing and a complete raw diet. For cases of skin cancer, people need to focus on healing their entire body, rather than just trying to burn off the skin cancer. I’ve seen many people in denial and continue to work. The cancer comes back with a vengeance. Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer needs to stop working at their job and focus 100% on their healing. Dr. Simonton’s program is also very helpful – he helps people get to the emotional root and can sometimes help them even if they do not take any remedies or do any conventional cancer treatment. I’ve been helping people with natural therapies for over 20 years now and I have an MD degree, so I can speak with some authority on the matter. Also, my first nutritionist was a holistic RN who helped me cure my epilepsy with the Carey Reams Program as well. I have been seizure-free for over 20 years.

    1. Doctor Foster,

      Please briefly summarize the indisputable biological/physiological/evolutionary reasons why it is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE to say that every human body has been “designed” in such a way that guarantees a 100% success rate with either orthodox or alternative therapy modalities for cancerous cellular mutations.

      Thank you!

  2. Real quick, for now: Brother Strawberry, that is a powerful healing story, thank you for sharing it! As for meat–I’ll return to that. I acknowledge your feelings John Powell: “No failure,” intended to reflect a reassuring idea. The human body was designed like THIS. Do THIS and there is “no such ting as failure.” It works, on every human body God (or not God) ever created. Unlike drugs etc that use a kind of lottery system, only the “responders” etc, can be healed, the lucky ones. I meant to counter that, with that word. “Treatment failure” is a popular word in AIDS lingo, but as satirist Chuck Ortleb pointed out in his book “Iron Peter,” the real mentality was: The treatment can’t fail. Only you can fail the treatment. It’s idolatry, and the drugs are the anointed idols.

    1. “Do THIS and there is no such thing as failure. It works, on every human body God (or not God) ever created.”

      That’s a biological/physiological/evolutionary impossibility.

      It’s nothing more than ill-informed/uninformed self-deceiving fantasy.

      It’s also philosophically identical to the “idolatry” you condemned above, the “idolatry” characterized, you declared, by claims that “the treatment can’t fail”.

      Celia, my dear, in relation to bedrock facts of biological, physiological and evolutionary genetic science, your (and other faith-based fantasy lovers’) insistence on upholding one or another myth of an Edenic perfect design is an exercise in playing way, way, way, way, way outside ALL OF the biomolecular physics and evolutionary genetics of Reality.

      Universal Reality.
      Indisputable Reality.
      Your ONLY True Reality.

      Good luck on the journey getting back to there.

      Bon voyage!


  3. “No Failure”. That’s a circumstance which exists only in fantasy.

    Advanced esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer and other cancers which restrict the intake of liquids (juices included) or which completely eliminate the capability to ingest liquid (therefore necessitating hydration and feeding through injected intravenous flow and/or surgically-placed feeding tube), make the do-it-yourself, finger-snap-simple protocols this woman is pitching like a Home Shopping Channel Cheerleader, null and void.

    This woman’s intentions are admirable, but she is sleep-walking in a Disneyland paradise.

    Outside that paradise (that fantasy), there is a universe and a planet which specialize in the hourly, perpetual, prevailing and unceasing mass production of biological failure.

    No, the juice protocol is not a finger-snap-simple bringer of biological paradise to all stage-4 cancer sufferers, and a bubbly Valley Girl’s youtube video about her sleep-walking, biological-fact-dismissing “soul beliefs” and “feelings” cannot make it so.

  4. When i was 11 years old the woman who gave birth to me was diagnosed with late stage cancer. After having one breast removed and witnessing the deadly toxicity of chemotherapy treatment used on family members and friends, she rejected medical treatment. She was given a life expectancy of six months to a year. Hoping to see her only son (me) become a teenager, she began the strict dietary and nutritional regimen of the Carey Reams Biological Theory of Immunization.


    Purely vegetarian, the strict diet required drinking only distilled water, fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed in distilled water and what seemed to me at the time to be a ridiculous amount of vitamin and mineral supplementation to balance ph and other levels.

    The woman who gave birth to me is still alive today.
    She is cancer free.
    i turned 52 years old this year.

    This helps to explain why this thirty year vegetarian used facts and the words of Albert Einstien to challenge your tweet asserting that a rare cooked hamburger is the healthiest thing a person can eat.

    Meat is Murder

    1. And by the way, when i challenged the tweet claiming rare meat is healthy by presenting science, fact and quote from Albert Einstein, it was not an attack on you. i didn’t realize it was you until after i had replied. As my timeline demonstrates i regularly respond to those who promote and support flesh eating.

      A meat based agriculture and diet is unsustainable and unhealthy for the body and planet.

      1. Picture of a strawberry: Quite the contrary. A large majority of the arable land on Earth is grassland, suitable only for raising grazing animals (not enough precipitation or available stored water for crops). The salvation of Earth’s ecosystem in fact requires us to restore grasslands (much of which are degraded and desertified), and increase the production of meat animals for food. Properly managed, grasslands thrive. Alan Savory developed deep insights into grassland ecology and health in Zimbabwe (his home country), and has done amazing work in disseminating this knowledge. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak in 2015. Go to the Savory Institute website to learn more.
        It is true that some people can thrive for decades on a vegetarian diet, as long as they consume some animal foods, but the human hind-gut is simply too small to process the enormous bulk of food required to extract sufficient nutrients from a plant-only diet. Short term, it can be very healthful, but long term it will lead to serious deficiencies in most (but not all) people.
        I eat animals, though I don’t do the slaughtering (I would were I a farmer); nevertheless, I do hear the plants screaming in pain when I pick them in the garden (you don’t hear this?). I apologize thank them for their sacrifice. Nectar from flowers, and fruit, they proffer as gifts to the rest of us, but leaves they don’t like it one bit when we cut them off. Yet it is the leaves which are often the most nutrient-dense parts of the plant. And root crops, such as carrots, one of my favorite garden plants to grow, requires us to utterly murder them.

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