Esquire O.J. Simpson American Underbelly


O.J. Simpson was freed on parole today as you probably know. I was commissioned to write about O.J. Simpson on two occasions. One article (linked below) was published in Esquire in 1998. It was at the time the second largest selling issue of Esquire, second to this in 1970, 28 years earlier. [“The Confessions of Lieutenant Calley.”]



The second article, “O.J. Incorporated,” was in Rolling Stone, 2000, issue #853, and  is absurdly relevant to today’s news, where the name Bruce Fromong is trending at #1 on social media. Would you believe I was in a room with Fromong, O.J. Mike Gilbert–before they all wound up in Nevada Court together as the Las Vegas “armed robbery,” put a bit of a strain on their old bonds. It’s not available online. I have exhausted myself trying to get hold of it. I finally ordered it in the mail.

I have many things to say about all this but it can become engulfing, so I prefer to put the articles out to do the work.

I’d like to mention the editor that commissioned both articles–he migrated from Esquire to Rolling Stone–the legendary Bill Tonelli. Wish I could find him, and thank him.

Those were the days. We were sent out for weeks or months, and if you didn’t get the story, you didn’t come home.

Still looking for the RS link. The above is just a link to the magazine on eBay. My thought was RS would draw traffic by re-posting it.


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