Eye Witness Accounts And Footage From Hamburg G20: “Hellhole Beyond Imagination.”


Gary Ogden and others–I share your confusion and shock. Who and what is “Antifa?”

Who and what is backing them, and to what end?

Please let’s NOT ARGUE right now and instead put our heads together about what is going on, as it is obviously very dire. Very. And by the way, the word “Kristallnacht” is irrelevant.

Anybody who can find words for this,  or first hand knowledge, please let us hear from you.

[comments from YouTube.]

German here. Do not come to Germany. Save your country instead and don’t become the next victim nation. Within two years our country has become a hellhole beyond imagination. Do not let this happen to you.


So basically going back to Hitler’s playbook. Christ, this is leading up to World War 3.


The ANTIFA in Germany are the storm troops of the Government!! ANTIFA members are being payed by the hour with tax money by governing political parties!! Believe me! I am in Germany! I know !! GERMAN ANTIFA IS CONTROLLED BY THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT!!!

4 thoughts on “Eye Witness Accounts And Footage From Hamburg G20: “Hellhole Beyond Imagination.””

  1. In my personal experience at g20 and other protests/actions the “black block” is made up of self declared sometimes “organized” “anarchists” who reject any political affiliation. To label them “far left” is clearly an attempt to demonize.
    Put the blame where it belongs.

    Who are the g20 protestors?
    In my personal experience and unbiased reporting the VAST majority are peaceful.


  2. ANTIFA and Black Block have deep ties to the hard left Marxist in Europe and enjoy a modicum of protection from arrest. They are essentially the brown shirts of the modern era. They have deep roots in Marxism/Communism and will destroy Europe before allowing it to moderate to the center of the political spectrum.


  3. Churchill was right. Or call themselves Democrats. I agree with Carolyn.; after 54 years of idiots in the White House, we can rest a little easier with Trump, as odd as that may sound. Frightening what is happening in Germany. Reminiscent of the 30’s, but that was preceded by a devastating economic situation as a result of the settlement of the Great War imposed upon Germany. Germany today is the economic powerhouse of Europe. None of this makes any sense, except that dark forces with deep pockets are in it up to their eyeballs. The globalists themselves. Soros here in the U.S. The central bankers and their minions. The slimeball Clintons, and certainly Gates and WHO, in the mass poisoning of the world’s children with grossly contaminated, mercury-filled, made-in-China vaccines. I never would have thought German police to be incompetent, but it appears they were in Hamburg.

  4. This is what the globalists have planned all along. Merkel did her job well and she facilitated the death of Western civilization in Germany.. If Hillary were the US president, we would be fast accelerating to such total breakdown of civilization here. It’s happening but on a much smaller scale, and there is still hope to stem the tide of madness. Thank God for Trump.

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