5 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopoulos Files $10 Million Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Against Simon & Schuster”

  1. So , you like this pedophile? Could you please post a set of points that make a pedophile ok in your book.

    1. Before I go off and research your accusation, can you please tell US why you think it is Not NEWS that this author is suing this major publisher, no matter what you, I, or the kitchen sink may think about whether he IS a pedophile?

      Do you mean Milo “is” a practicing pedophile, today? I thought his quote was just about the same as the guy from Star Trek, but less intense. Please document Milo’s “pedophilia” in context. What exactly did he say? What does it mean about who he is? Most urgently, does whatever he said leave all publishers and journalists with the moral duty never to report on him, though he is a major public figure? Or are we duty bound always to remind the reader of the stain? That lobby groups sent up smoke rings calling him a pedophile, because they detest his politics? Be accurate! I think he was accused by left wing lobbyists for being an apologist for the pedophilia he was subjected to. But the Star Trek guy was ADORED when he did that.

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