Kristallnacht Of Media Wars: Independent Journalists Stalked, Beaten, Lives Threatened By Antifa Thugs At G20 In Hamburg


German police to journalists: “You’re on your own.”

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  1. This appears not to be about being Jewish or Gentile. This is about a group of elite “master race” rulers that silence anyone investigating and reporting the elites wrong-doing. Stop making this about religion, nationality or belief and realize this is about BEING HUMAN and BEING FREE. Although, those of you who have no idea what being human means won’t ever grasp what I’m saying. I must be wasting my energy.

  2. Read through the comments, and JP, you didn’t sell me. Your argument sounds like like the SJWs, and finding value for yourself by siding with your choice for the most oppressed. You seem more interested in proving your point and insisting on being right than in having enlightening dialog. It’s okay to be wrong, for from there we can learn, expand, and grow.

    1. ” What the fuck do you do? Old Man? $%^&*(”

      Is this an example of the “enlightening dialog” you are calling for?

  3. John Powell: I have taken significant blows you would probably not survive for most of my life fighting fascism in the USA. I’m immune to your guilt trips.

  4. Perhaps off topic but…

    When the G-20 was in my hometown a few years ago the “black block” from a local “organization of anarchists” who clearly do not know the definition of oxymoron as they marched together all dressed in black with black bandanas covering their faces to hide identity as they called for violence against the Apple store and a pet store while committing vandalism against independently owned coffee shops and member owned cooperatives protested the event.
    Recognizing that anarchy is no way to run a civil society –who would build/maintain schools, roads and hospitals? With no laws or prisons what do we do with murderers and child rapists?–i used my DJ skills to counter-protest their idiocy by creating a 24 minute mash-up mix of anti-war songs layered over a civil defense record from 1961 titled “If the bomb falls” about how to survive an atomic blast.
    Songs included Frankie Goes To Hollywood covering “War!”, Koop-“Relaxin at Club F•••••n”, The 25th of May- “Made in the u.s.a.” and others ending with Sweet Honey in the Rock singing “I ain’t gonna study war no more!” Titling my sonic creation “G20-20 Vision” and making a few hundred copies with an artfully designed paper sleeve, i donned my Mister Rogers “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” t-shirt and distributed them free, handing them out to peaceful protestors, drivers stuck in traffic caused by the crowds, people who were watching the action from the safety of sidewalk cafes or coffee shops and more than a few of the riot gear clad police who were everywhere. The driver of one security vehicle stopped the line of security vehicles following his to accept the offering in my outstretched hand and after hearing what it was a number of officers in the back of the vehicle asked for copies. Outside the convention center where the conference was happening i approached a line of riot-gear clad police offering CDs to any takers. One officer was very interested in my actions. Explaining to him that the behavior of the “black blok” was appalling and in my opinion hypocritical for anyone claiming to be working for Peace, i reiterated that this was my counter to their actions. The officer removed his protective face shield and shook my hand. When i asked if there was any way to get a few of my CDs into the convention center the officer walked me to the security entrance where after he told his superiors what i was doing and they took a brief glance at my identification i was taken through a side entrance and allowed to wander freely handing out what some might consider my work of Peace Art.
    While protests outside turned violent resulting in pepper spray and arrests i was allowed to walk around inside the G-20 convention handing out a music-mash calling for world Peace. Though many if not most who i gave my copyright violating creation to did not speak English it was clear by their welcoming smiles, handshakes and occasional hugs given in return that my message was clear and received.
    The smell of pepper spray still lingered in the air when i left the convention center where the G-20 was coming to order.
    There is a correct way and a wrong way to make a point, to protest and to have your message heard.
    My G20-20 Vision was clear.

    BTW my actions and counter-protest eventually resulted in the organization of anarchists losing support from and affiliation with a local Thomas Merton center leading to the end of the oxymoron of organized anarchists.

  5. How is this like “the night of broken glass” ? Did the german police round up journalists for extermination?

  6. Identitarian? Wow. New accusatory word for the bolshevik reactionaries. …beyond reproach.

    Here is my idea, a remedy, a start…for this gentleman from Timcast and yourself Celia:

    Nato needs to be pitched to create and fund a non-biased non-partisan investigation fact checking leadership and agency, made up of journalistic historians, judges and data managers to assess where this riot porn and propaganda seeds from and put these zealots and fake news asses away.

    Celia, I would like to see you head this.

  7. Kristallnacht?



    A disrespectful, distorting diminishment of the memory of the lost. Abusive. Foolish.

    Sad, to see such descent into cold disregard for the sanctity and singularity of the victims of the ONE mass murder by the third reich’s “master race”.

    1. As a Jew, who lost 18 family in Salonica, and even more near Odessa….I feel the metaphor used here is completely applicable and respectful to me as a point of warning. Farber has science and heart in place. I have been watching you JP… you watching her bugging her and I am really sick of it…and I ask you to show her more regard because SHE DOES THE WORK. What the fuck do you do? Old Man? $%^&*(

      1. Ms. Caroline,

        You have my deepest sympathies, for the loss of your family members.

        But, your acceptance of the Kristallnacht metaphor matters not at all, to me.

        You accept the metaphor. So what.

        I don’t. So what.

        I have risked my life, physically defending Jewish citizens of America, against immediate and direct violence by Jew-hating extremists, here in the deep South of the U.S.

        I have successfully prosecuted Jew-hating extremists in court, for their threats of violence against Jewish citizens of America.

        I have served in the Armed Forces of America, to defend your right to speak and write freely, and to defend that right for Celia, and to defend that right for myself.

        If I now had hours to continue writing, I could add hundreds of references to those few preceding mentions of “the work” I’ve done in my life, as a young man, a middle-aged man, and in the present as an “old man”, on behalf of assaulted and terrorized innocents in this country, Ms. Caroline.

        I have done “the work”, Ms. Caroline.

        In your comment above, what you have done is to assert that you know I have not done “the work”.

        Your faulty and inaccurate assertion demonstrates your willingness to portray yourself as knowing something which you don’t know at all.

        What does that tell us about the soundness of your “science and heart”, Ms. Caroline?

        It tells us that the soundness of your “science and heart” is very clearly not “in place”.

        I have a very intense sensitivity to the use of false equivalencies. It deeply pains me to observe the casual ease with which so many people apply Holocaust metaphors when speaking or writing emotional reactions to the latest trending political or social issue face-off.

        I simply utilized my freedom of expression, to write some of the impressions which I derived from observing Celia’s application of the Kristallnacht metaphor. You disagree with me. So what.

        I disagree with you. So what.

        I’m sorry, I have no hateful assaults to make against you. No vulgar lashing out at the “bugging” you do. No faulty and false vulgarities intended to humiliate you for not doing such-and-such work, when i don’t have even the slightest bit of knowledge about any work you’ve ever done.

        No infantile, immature insults to your age.

        And, no $%^&*(, whatever rabidly petty pin-prick that concealed profanity was intended to inflict.

        In Closing:

        During the many years of my online friendship with Celia, the ratio of my offerings of support and expressions of compliment for her, to my expressions of critique, has been somewhere between 8 to 1 and 10 to 1.

        In tone, in nature, and in intent, critique differs significantly from “bugging”, Ms. Caroline.

        Spewing the hateful vulgarity, “What the fuck do you do, old man?”: THAT, Ms. Caroline, possesses the tone, nature and intent of “bugging” someone.

        My critique possessed no such intent, no such nature, and no such tone.

        Perhaps you will concoct a way to disagree. So what.

        So what.

        I am old enough to be able to bear any pin-prick, and any number of pin-pricks your hateful heart desires to attempt.

        My skin is quite thick, Ms. Caroline.

        Your pin-pricks don’t even penetrate.

        Good day.

        1. JP: Your answer is long and pompous and filled with braggadocio but it is not convincing.
          I am with Caroline and Celia.
          Good Night

          1. John: I would RATHER you stay and stop being so angry all the time than that you depart but please remember that this is a park. A labor of love.

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