What Was Happening In That Dawn’s Early Light? The True History Of The Star Spangled Banner


What stirs in me on the eve of the birthday of this nation, that feels like a terrible secret, like when you’re not supposed to love somebody or something but you do. Walking home from the park last night, I wondered what this feeling is and why it has nothing to do with what evil has been committed by the malignant rogue state people THINK of now when they think of the United States.

What would I try to say to my European friends (actually I’m not sure I have any “European friends” anymore)–about why I love this place?

Everything about us is insane.


It’s not the government! It’s not any President. We surely ache for our collective sins. It’s not fraud.
It’s a collectively held mirage. People who love this country (immigrants, all) don’t love it as a thing, but as a reverie–a prayer, that never ceases. You may think we should want it answered, but that isn’t how Americans think. I tell you: We’re crazy.
We want to stay in our reverie, just a little longer, because you NEVER KNOW what tomorrow may bring.


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  1. Celia: By the way, “The Star Spangled Banner” was adopted as the national anthem in 1931, apparently in response to the leftist members of the Erie, Pennsylvania city council opening their meetings with “The Internationale.” While I’m no fan of communism, it being one of the stupidest ways to govern, I can understand its appeal at the depths of the depression, and I must admit hearing “The Internationale” always quickens the blood; stirring it is.

    1. America was lost to the UNITED NATIONS after World War 2 in 1946/48. The UN is the single global licenser of “legal presences.” America is not a Nation. It’s a UN Member-Nation; which is not a nation.

      The UN claims to own all “US CITIZENS” and “ISIS combatants” legal presences. See this:

      The Star Spangled Banner is a lost treasure for a Country long past to the UN. :.-)

      BTW, Besides the Vatican City, City of London, and DC, there are two more contenders: CERN and United Nations/New York City.

      The Vatican City operates the “trust franchise,” City of London operates the “debt as money franchise,” DC operated the “war/pedophile franchise,” CERN operates the “science franchise,” and the UN operates the “Legal Presence Franchise.” The UN City-State is New York City, a Sovereign City-State like DC. NYC issues their own Birth Certificates apart from New York, just like DC, City of London, and Vatican City. NYC police forces are separate from and do NOT take orders from the Federal United States nor State of New York. They are an Independent policy enforcement branch of the UN. All the Banks are incorporated in NEW YORK CITY-STATE and are thus immune from United States Law. That’s why the banks are never stopped and the bankers never jailed.

      Citizens of New York City are the same as Citizens of DC… not a part of the United States! But because the UN operates the United States, they are considered as such all ways by deception. Donald Trump is a New York City Citizen- without the United States!

      PS. My humble apologies, the link for Monica Peterson was copied incorrectly. It has been corrected, but I don’t know how to correct it here. So here is a more applicable comment.

  2. america is not these soiled spiked mad shepherds..tis the people…we the people…do not take this down. x

  3. Well, should I take it down? The material I stand by is my own words. The video was MY first awareness of the history of the Star Spangled Banner–distorted or not. But all that really says is I score an F on American history. I try to blame the fact that I grew up in Sweden but really I have no mind for history. I can’t remember any details, even if it happened 40 seconds ago.

    1. What shows is your integrity. that’s unquestioned. So please don’t beat yourself up over this.
      Consider also that America was, and is, an idea. We can think of the video as an idea, a myth, and agree that it portrays the American spirit despite its inaccuracies. It was the War of 1812 so we were not colonists but free citizens of the US. It was not Fort Henry but Fort McHenry, but the British did finally give up, and the flag was still there. That much happened.
      It would be interesting to track the provenance of the video. It’s well done but historically bogus. I don’t know what to make of all that.
      But I certainly don’t blame you for falling for it, Celia. So did I. You could leave it up with disclaimers, or take it down. I would not argue with either. It’s your call. And I ain’t going anywhere.

    2. Celia: Don’t take anything down. Your words are what are important. There is much that is inherently good in this nation, and the celebration of our independence, to me, is the celebration of the founding documents, with their soaring words about rights and liberty. We must never forget slavery, and its legacy still poisons the well, but this in no way diminishes the importance of the end of tyranny, for most, from across the pond on these shores. I must add that the potato salad I made for the occasion was damn good!

  4. Never again will I feel any pride in this grand and good experiment in government we have when I hear this anthem. The third verse:
    No refuge could save the hireling and
    From the terror of flight, or the gloom
    of the grave
    Francis Scott Key was a notorious prosecutor of abolitionists. The War of 1812 was a war of aggression, the purpose to steal Canada. Not a proud moment in our history. The real hero in this foolishness was Admiral Sir George Cockburn of the Royal Navy, who rescued and freed as many as 6,000 slaves from the Chesapeake Bay region. He then trained recruits from among them, and they were the vanguard of the assault on Washington. The Colonial Marines they were called, an all black regiment, armed and outfitted in full Royal Navy gear. Admiral Cockburn and his officers enjoyed the meal Dolly had ordered for her and the president, which was still warm after President Madison and Dolly had fled.

    1. Somewhat revisionist history. The War of 1812 was fought for many reasons, including British impressment of US seamen. While slavery played a part, it may have been ‘cosmetic.” The major reason on the British side was that they had never accepted the loss of their colonies; they are rumored to have been behind all the assassinations of US presidents except for JFK.
      And for your information several hundred freed “men of color” fought alongside Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans that ended the war.
      I don’t condone slavery. But if you’re gonna go into it, you have to look at black Africans selling their own kind to Muslims in the north.

      1. R. A. Davis: War is always stupidity. Good points you’ve made here. Andrew Jackson was a thug, at least from the native American point of view.

        1. Thank you, Gary. You’re right about war, and Jackson betrayed the Cherokee who fought alongside him at New Orleans.
          I’m beginning to realize that all our “heroes” are flawed human beings. Jackson fought against and defeated attempts to establish a “central bank” Nearly 100 years later Wilson gotsuckered into establishing the Federal Reserve–Britain’s revenge for having lost their 13 colonies.

          1. R. A. Davis: Excellent point. Wilson a bigger bastard than Jackson? Maybe so. It’s clear that these central bankers are in charge of all of us the world over. Obama was/is such a ridiculous tool of these crooks, I can’t believe I voted for him twice! I may be voting no on everything and everybody in the future. We owe Celia much gratitude for helping make us aware of some of this stuff.

  5. Blood of patriots.
    Despite the machinations of Hanoi John McCain, Crooked Hillary, Snake oil Obama, misguided Donald and others too numerous to name, our flag still stands. America was, when you really think about it, an idea. And that idea still llives.
    Thank you, Celia.

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