The Truth Barrier Supports Anti-Tryanny Activists Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec Whose Protest Shut Down Grotesque Trump Assassination Play In New York City

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Two anti-tyranny, anti-violence activists Laura Loomer and and Jack Posobiec disrupted the Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar.depicting Donald Trump stabbed to death by a mob with knives.

Loomer, of Rebel Media, shouted: “STOP THE NORMALIZATION OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. YOU ARE POLITICAL TERRORISTS ALL OF YOU!” She was arrested and later released from police custody. Posobiec shouted: GOEBBELS WOULD BE PROUD! YOU ARE NAZIS, ALL OF YOU!”

Civil War has now broken out in America. May as well face it.

The Truth Barrier fully supports this courageous protest against the normalization  of political violence on the reprehensible bourgeoisie left.

Clips below:

26 thoughts on “The Truth Barrier Supports Anti-Tryanny Activists Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec Whose Protest Shut Down Grotesque Trump Assassination Play In New York City”

  1. It is truly amazing dumb how people invoke “censorship” against the protestors who were quickly censored. As if dramatizing the killing of a national leader qualifies as acceptable art.

    I totally support the statement and method of delivery of this timely intervention against homicidal hysteria sweeping the nation, encouraging violence and destruction – especially cultural destruction.

    I pray that our children remain shielded from this mass psychosis and that a basic, vital limit to immorality and violent disorder is restored. Not by legislation, but by will of the people who are not too far gone to stand up to this insanity.

  2. Below is the link to a video by Congressman Scalise just days before he was shot.

    Is it not too farfetched to imagine that all you PC robots are being used unwittingly to take down a President who is taking down pedophiles? PC definitely cripples one’s capacity for rational thought. And that the Deep State/Shadow Government/Satanic Illuminati that’s been controlling this planet for centuries is now cornered & at bay?
    Trump’s two biggest mistakes were to choose Mike Pence as running mate, and then to axe Mike Flynn, who did nothing illegal in communicating with the Russians, but DID supply Pence with a list of high-profile pedophiles which included Pence’s best friend.
    This narrative is of course intolerable to the PC crowd & their incapacity for objective thought. Its subject is one they would prefer not to confront.

    Whatever happened to George Carlin?

    1. Paranoia definitely cripples capacity for rational thought.
      Have you forgotten that the man you call president has admitted to. Inside ring sex with his own daughter and bursting unannounced into pageant dressing rooms of perhaps underage contestants intending to see them undressed?

      What of his confession to raping women by grabbing their genitals?

      1. Dear BS: Any criminal attorney can tell you that rape is penetration. As in Bill Clinton and :Paula Jones, et alia. Groping is not penetration. Speaking about groping is not groping.
        What is your source for the allegation Trump had sex with his daughter, or contemplated it?

        Are you suggesting I’m paranoid? Delusional about the prevalence of pedophilia in our government? I wish I was, but I’m not.

        I’m not paranoid; you are hopelessly asleep, which means you are part of the problem. Stay that way, if it gives you comfort. But don’t tell me I’m making all this shit up.

  3. But again, where was the outrage when the actor assassinated onstage in this play was a black man or a Hilkary Clinton look-a-like?

    Frankly found it much more tasteless, obnoxious and offensive when a live cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show staged a batman themed performance to either mock or celebrate release of that superhero vs villianous threat production.

    1. The most grotesquely offensive theatrical production of all time had to have been the musical version of CARRIE.

      No one can beat that.

      On the upside, maybe we’ll get to see a revival of my favorite Stephen Sondheim musical, ASSASSINS.

  4. It’d be neat to set off some firecrackers during that show. The Left has no problem with shutting down lectures and other events with disruptive and often violent tactics. The Alt Right ought to shut this production down with Antifa tactics. That would be hilarious.

  5. “I’m a safe space lifeguard. My job is to save these snowflakes from drowning in their own bullshit.”
    –Dennis Miller

  6. One needs to explore the descriptive causal narrative of presentation vs the prescriptive. Joe Papp”s bloody caesar is a prescriptive mess which is cheap which is cheating which is propaganda not art. Art challenges. This is mass bullying I think President T is a touch of a tit ..but does not merit to be a harrowing violent target of the disenfranchised. Not a fair fight. Debate smart with proof with evidence please. Where is the proof of his heresy against the state? There must be a Ben Elton plot behind this madness. I am once a proud leftist now having to abandon the trendy rhetoric. Kudos to these two for embracing unpopulisms. I SIT CENTRE WAITING FOR JUSTICE APPLIED.

  7. Art under threat.
    Art under attack.
    Artistic Freedom?
    Freedom of Expression?
    Art is a fundamental human Right.
    The irony being Goebbles wanted to destroy the art that did not conform to his beliefs. Isnt that what the protesters were doing. Many of the greatest plays in the history of the theatre were controversial at the time. Angels in America or A doll’s house. Where would humanity be without art to explore important issues – whether one agrees with the subject or not.

    1. That is the thing Batman…that show is not interesting nor radical nor controversial. is simply barbaric. Want radical art? See John Waters’ PINK FLAMINGOES where trailer trash America rebels against the snooty privileged.

      1. Wait a minute!
        Updating characters in a historical anti-assassination play making it relevant to modern day theatre goers is barbaric while animal cruelty and a 300 pound drag queen eating dog shit is art?
        And I am a fan of John Waters.

        BTW the tRump supporters did not shut down the performance.
        Audience members shouted for the protestors to get off the stage and the performance continued after their removal from the theatre.
        Hope those who tried to censor art enjoyed their fifteen seconds of fame.

        1. hey BS…I actually do not think it should be shut down. I do not believe in censorship…I just think it was bad irrelevant-made so called theatre… it was too easy a solution to stage it this way.. hokey… as in I could not stand guns n roses in my 20’s… but I knew that their shit honey trashy misogyny would shut itself down due to its mediocrity overstaying its welcome and in time it might sound ok due to hokey nostalgia…. and btw — there were a lot of complaints against the Hilary staging … so let the bloody bad Caesar be…let it all be… the molecules will decide in the end.. being the ultimate judge being the science of a good god… a polemic, queer straight trans all coloured smart stupid and elemental good god.


            Brother Smallberries can kiss my White Identitarian ass.

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