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war-symbol“I find myself largely in agreement with these sentiments. Truly frightening that Democrats, at least in California, but Obama is one of these, too, wish total control of every aspect of our lives by government, beginning with the fetus in the womb. The Democrat politicians have become totalitarians, meanwhile our children are very unhealthy, IQ’s are dropping, and not only from fluoride, but from the 72 doses of vaccines they receive, and the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, a real cesspool of pharma corruption, has just confirmed that vaccines cause autism (they don’t admit it, but what causes fever in pregnancy? DTaP and Flu vaccines). What is most disconcerting about public political life today is the vitriol directed by the acolytes of these totalitarians at anyone who questions what they are preaching. They are incapable of civility. They seem to know nothing of science, nothing factual, nothing of history. They appear to be incapable of actual thinking, know not how to use logic and debate, nor seem aware of the rules of basic decency we learned at our mother’s knee. I sometimes wonder if the behavior we see in the young on college campuses and elsewhere is a manifestation of sub-clinical vaccine injury (and acetaminophen and antibiotics and all the other crap they have been shoving into children especially for the past three decades). Things gonna get uglier, as these spoiled, damaged children enter a world without opportunity led by the craven and cowardly.”

–Gary Ogden, in response to this.

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  1. I must add that I’ve just finished re-reading William Deresiewicz’s excellent essay from the September, 2015 Harper’s, “The Neoliberal Arts, How college sold its soul to the market.” (sorry, I don’t know how to punctuate a subtitle). While I don’t agree with him in all the particulars, this is a powerful explanation of how we got where we are today, at least in colleges and universities, and why so many young adults appear to be unable to think analytically, (and thus are so easily lead). Part of this, of course is incompetent administrators at this level, but then we see this in so many realms. Two of the most unsettling things he discusses is that citizenship is no longer taught or valued at any level of education, and that learning for learning’s sake is no longer widely valued or pursued by students today. This breaks my heart. To this day (decades after I completed formal schooling), it is learning for learning’s sake, and learning to connect the dots with other things I know that animates me, that makes my day. He mentions Reagan and Clinton, but I think we are all at fault for allowing this to happen. I think it begins in kindergarten, or perhaps pre-school. If we contrast the northern European forest kindergartens with ours, and compare the relative educational achievement in these countries with ours, we should hang our heads in shame. What are they doing? 4-6-year-olds wielding very sharp whittling knives, climbing trees, slogging through steams, doing self-directed small-child stuff, with minimal supervision. What do we do? Shove these children, who are itching to go out and mess around in nature with age-peers they may not see often, into a desk and force-feed them the ABC’s, counting numbers, and so forth. This last part is from me, not from the essay. If you have access to the Harper’s archive, I recommend everyone read it.

  2. Medical education is a form of brain-washing. Doctor’s are programmed by the medical model into distrusting nature and the human body, and thinking that pharmaceuticals are the only way to treat people. It’s a money machine that prescribes pills for profit to treat symptoms without ever curing anything.

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