What They Said: Alan Dershowitz


“The fact that Mueller is opening an investigation on obstruction doesn’t answer the two basic questions. One — can a president be indicted while sitting? And two — can a president be indicted for obstruction — which is simply doing his job, being the head of the executive branch?”
“I think the answer to both of these questions is still going to be no and no.”


[In an interview with Newsmax]

8 thoughts on “What They Said: Alan Dershowitz”

  1. He is a pedophile. I think its hilarious that you go mental over fake podesta stuff , but then quote from a pedophile.

    1. John Barron, please provide EVIDENCE that Dershowitz is a pedophile. With an accusation like that, surely you can bring REAL evidence to us, right? Or are you only repeating rumor and hearsay, exactly as you condemn others for doing?

  2. That a person who calls himself a representative of the law would, could and has seriously propagated bizarre absurdities such as saying obstruction of justice is “simply doing his job” presents all the evidence necessary for reaching the verdict that said person is deliberately giving false testimony about what the job is, and is deliberately serving as an accomplice after the fact to the federal felony crime of obstructing justice.

    That a person who calls himself or herself an uncorrupted devotee to, unbiased investigator of, and uncompromised officer for the truth, would, could and has seriously exhalted a man who is CLEARLY giving such false testimony, and is CLEARLY serving as an accomplice to federal felony crime, presents us with a miserably humorous picture of a person who’d find himself/herself being swiftly rejected from consideration for employment in any position of public or private trust.

    Alan Dershowitz’s credibility is long past its expiration date. Sad but true.

    In the matter at hand, he is, apparently unbeknownst to himself, making a gargantuan fool of himself.

    I pity him, because he evidently doesn’t realize that his bizarre absurdities can be easily seen.

    The poor guy has lost his mind.

    1. Mr. Cabal, it’s a pleasure to see your characteristic terseness, your ability to cut to the heart of the matter, once again on TTB.

      It’s past the time for Trump to clean out his WH staff and take the offensive. He must do some deep damage to the opposition asap.
      Otherwise they’ll kill him.

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