Forbidden Knowledge: Proof Of U.S. Military Having Infiltrated CNN and Other Media “Since At Least 2001.”


“Truth Stream Media’s Melissa Dykes revisits a story I posted about 5 years ago regarding hard evidence that has emerged over the years of US military psychological operations involvement in the production of this country’s news media. US Government propaganda against US Persons was illegal until Barack Obama officially legitimized it in the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the annual budget for the US Department of Defense. This story was first reported by the late Michael Hastings on BuzzFeed, before that independent news service was co-opted in 2015 by the propaganda behemoth, NBC Universal with a $200 million investment.

Dykes’ piece includes a cringeworthy 1996 clip of Anderson Cooper, who interned at the CIA for two summers prior to joining CNN, reporting that TWA Flight 800 had been “Shot down” and then after the commercial break, correcting himself with the CIA’s official line that the 747 had been brought down by a “center fuel tank explosion”.

There are more excellent cringeworthy moments here. It goes into things that are no longer reported on in the Mainstream Media in our post-9/11 world. CNN is hardly the only culprit in the dissemination of US Government propaganda. Moreover the US military/intelligence concerted penetration of the media goes back to at least 1951 with President Harry Truman’s creation of Psychological Strategy Board, under the premise that “Wars could not be won through bloodshed but by winning the hearts and minds of people.”

–Forbidden Knowledge TV, full story here.


[Note, I was unable to locate the Hastings article cited here but did find this one, about the CIA and Hollywood. If anybody is aware of additional links to Hastings’ article on this subject, I do hope you will share them here.]

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9 thoughts on “Forbidden Knowledge: Proof Of U.S. Military Having Infiltrated CNN and Other Media “Since At Least 2001.””

  1. Celia, here’s the Hastings article:

    You ought note that the statement made in the quote you reproduced above is inaccurate, irresponsible and maliciously deceptive.

    That quote asserts that “Barack Obama officially legitimized…propaganda against U.S. persons…in the 2012 NDAA”.

    That legislation (the NDAA) was the handiwork of Congress, not the President.

    Obama in fact threatened to veto it, for no small number of reasons.

    He objected to many of the NDAA’s sections, and you can read some of those objections in his Signing Statement. It’s readily available online.

    It doesn’t include all of his objections, but it does specify why he was signing the legislation under the duress of the necessity to put the bill into law for the sake of funding crucial provisions of medical and other care to military service-members

    A discussion of that NDAA which became law under the Obama administration is a complex one. Anybody who makes a simplistically-accusatory statement of Obama’s guilt for that NDAA, like the statement made in the quote you cited above, is NOTHING BUT a willfully malicious disseminator of dishonest, DECEPTIVE, false, and partisan-hate-driven propaganda.

    Ironic, eh?

    1. John, Here is what I quoted: The article states that the US Army has been placing military personnel in TV stations, “since at l;east 2001.” The quote is here:

      In 2012, a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the US Army’s “Training with Industry” program has been placing soldiers from the 4th Psychological Operations Group as interns at several local US television stations since “at least” 2001 (a year after the story broke in the Dutch newspaper and in the LA Times about the “Personnel, soldiers and officers” helping “In the production of some news stories”). The Army openly admitted to the “Training with Industry” program, after this 2012 FOIA request became public.

      Many things have been going on that go way farther back than 2001, but that was the one I was quoting. Nor did I say BOO about Obama, in MY post. I just cut out a passage from Forbidden Knowledge TV, linked to the story, and gave it a headline that focused on one part of it.

      If you think I am willfully disseminating malicious dishonest DECEPTIVE false partisan hate-driven propaganda, may I ask: Why do you read The Truth Barrier?

      I don’t think that is what I do here. You need to get a grip on yourself.

      1. Celia, I was referring ONLY to what was said/written by that person whom you had quoted in the first paragraph above.

        I made that clear, in my original comment.

        I don’t get how you thought I was referring to anything actually written by you.

        The quote you excerpted under the headline DOES explicitly blame Obama for legitimizing the use of propaganda against U.S. citizens.

        I know that you didn’t say BOO about Obama, in YOUR post. I didn’t say that YOU said anything about Obama.

        You misunderstood what I wrote. It was not about copy or a headline written by you. It was about the content of that passage which you cut out from Forbiden Knowledge TV.

        I specified that distinction very clearly.

        Therefore, I don’t “need to get a grip on” myself.

        I suggest that you again re-read my earlier comment/observation, until you understand who its clearly-specified subject was.

        Then, you might apologize, because it was not I who, in this matter, is lacking the grip and the attentiveness to accuracy.

        And lastly, you’re welcome, for the Hastings article which you requested.

        Good night, dear mistakenly angered one.

  2. Then there are the long rumored DEA funding for two very powerful “War On Drugs” films, “Salton Sea” and “River’s Edge”. DEA funding has, as well, been long rumored to aid in the financing of entertainment product consistent with “War On Drugs” ideology.

    The trouble is…both “Salton Sea” and “River’s Edge” are fine examples of film making.

  3. The DEA has been quietly funding films and TV shows with messages consistent with the failed “War On Drugs”. The films “Salton Sea” (2002) and “Rivers Edge” (1986) have both been rumored to have received EA funding.

    If the US Military has planted their own at CNN, this is not a surprise. The US military has LONG been “VERY helpful” to the Pentagon.

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