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[Ed: Fred Slater–a friend living in Ireland– has written some things that I feel need highlighting. He wrote this comment (below) some months ago., in response to this post, which was where the civil war at The Truth Barrier broke out, between those who see pure evil in communism, and those who slap down those who see pure evil in communism–refer to us as failed, unwashed “right wingers,”  or  even spitting on my perspectives as “Vichy journalism.” I am horrified that communist apologia exists here, as horrified as I would be if some of you declared yourselves to be Nazis. We are close to the end–brought about by this conflict, which is not trivial, but fatal.]

Fred Wrote:


“I don’t feel so alone in this world when brave souls like you speak so clearly. You are morally cognizant in drawing this to our attention in a time of such horrifying cognitive dissonance blaring from the liberal left.

Oh and by the way Celia thank you for not patronising or mollycuddling me by telling me right wing dictators are bad too. I would have been pissed at you for being that facetious. Unfortunately the weak minded desire such comforts.

What kind of mindset values free education and healthcare over ‘free speech/free expression’ what kind of life is that? Im shocked to what level stealth Marxism, shadow Marxism has infected the liberal left.
How ready they are to beg for state tyranny as long as we live under a toxic big pharma rainbow for all fucking eternity.

Their humanity is in crisis.

What has happened to the will to be free, to will ‘power’ ‘greatness’
How has culture/arts become so average, mediocre or depraved/muddled.
Have these fools not understood George Orwells 1984, how an infinite
prison/cloud of grey mediocrity/tyranny will fall upon the human race
if we beg blindly for pseudo comforts within the heartless machinations of a
monolith state.

If any fool supports a state that destroys freedom of expression than they
support the stealing of souls and ultimately the POSSESSION of souls.

And in all mythologies around this globe there is a name for entities
who wish to steal and possess your soul.


So worship demons if you desire so, but it will wreck havoc with your
soul, invite chaos, destruction and horror till there is nothingness.


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  1. “What kind of mindset values free education and healthcare over ‘free speech/free expression’ what kind of life is that?”

    Of course, the free education and healthcare wouldn’t be very good anyhow, and would become less and less good over time…but that’s not the key point, is it? The key point is that there do seem to be an alarming number of people…not sure of the %…who do not place a high value on freedom, their own or anybody else’s. On this topic, Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor would like to make some remarks:


  2. I find myself largely in agreement with these sentiments. Truly frightening that Democrats, at least in California, but Obama is one of these, too, wish total control of every aspect of our lives by government, beginning with the fetus in the womb. The Democrat politicians have become totalitarians, meanwhile our children are very unhealthy, IQ’s are dropping, and not only from fluoride, but from the 72 doses of vaccines they receive, and the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, a real cesspool of pharma corruption, has just confirmed that vaccines cause autism (they don’t admit it, but what causes fever in pregnancy? DTaP and Flu vaccines). What is most disconcerting about public political life today is the vitriol directed by the acolytes of these totalitarians at anyone who questions what they are preaching. They are incapable of civility. They seem to know nothing of science, nothing factual, nothing of history. They appear to be incapable of actual thinking, know not how to use logic and debate, nor seem aware of the rules of basic decency we learned at our mother’s knee. I sometimes wonder if the behavior we see in the young on college campuses and elsewhere is a manifestation of sub-clinical vaccine injury (and acetaminophen and antibiotics and all the other crap they have been shoving into children especially for the past three decades). Things gonna get uglier, as these spoiled, damaged children enter a world without opportunity led by the craven and cowardly.

    1. I don’t wonder if it is vaccine injury. I KNOW it is. Specifically mercury toxicity. That generation of kids got enough in their vaccines to give them all kinds of mercurial symptoms. And you only have to look up the psychological symptoms to see what I mean. The scientific and medical literature is full of this information.

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