4 thoughts on “The Missing Disavowal Of Antifa”

  1. That anti-Fascist organizations have opted to stay out of the matter by remaining silent. This may be a strong move by antifa organizations? Why give the extremists on the right—-and at this point all of our present-day Donald Trump”conservatives” seem embracing what John Powell has stated—especially if “the Left” (in the US, a “left”? Where? There is no true “Left” here in the US.

    Silence is often the a most substantial part of valor.

  2. Speaking as someone who is neither Democrat or Republican, neither left-wing or right-wing, it’s evident to anyone who is honest that the established left-wing political leaders regularly disavow political violence, and that’s why they don’t get asked to disavow it.

    Meanwhile, Trump himself has frequently advocated, encouraged, incited, applauded and invited political violence, and that’s why he and the established right-wing political leaders do get asked to disavow it.


  3. Yea Mike! Notice how shut down they all were to his request. What is going on with these journalists? Their bizarrely intense partisan behavior certainly raises red flags about who they serve, and why.

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