Reflections On The Misogynist Impulse, By Fred Slater


[From a correspondence, June 10, 2017, published with the author’s permission.]

“You know Celia I never had really noticed that type of misogny before, the kind you have mentioned before how men want to correct you, contain your voice, isolate it, a demeaning tone and sometimes outright vicious.
I was only familiar with classic misogny,
Anyway,  mentioning I’m Irish and gay makes sense i suppose, a European liberal homo

They dont believe it’s “hate” though, do they? They think they are correcting you, putting you in your place and scolding you for being an IRRATIONAL woman, you’re an irritance to them, and must be contained.

Your voice is deeply important to me, you are a lone voice in many ways, you understand tone and the individual meaning of words in a way I’ve never come across before.  i was just thinking earlier how journalism has become an art of condemnation, and the tones of condemnation or if not that then an art of smug superiority to anthing that challenges the status quo, peace loving muslims and peace loving liberals who im pretty sure are the majority in both camps are very much in the same situation, they are afriad to speak up, to break the social boundaries that can cause them to be isolated and condemned.”

2 thoughts on “Reflections On The Misogynist Impulse, By Fred Slater”

  1. My sense is that misogyny comes in many forms and is usually an unconscious behavior pattern left over from ages of patriarchy. It could be described as a karmic wound infecting most heterosexual males. Just because it may be unconscious does not to relieve anyone of responsibility for such behavior. We all need to do our inner work and to see ourselves reflected back by others.

    As a heterosexual male, I sometimes catch myself doing “mansplain”, but I’m sure I miss a lot! We desperately need women to call us out when we act unconsciously. Fortunately I have women in my life who do not hesitate to do this. I welcome it as food for the soul!

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