Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping For An Amazing Day


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping has been extremely popular over the last decade, and countless people testify that it has transformed their lives. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read about it here:


Here is a short, easy way to try it, if you want to. I like Brad Yates. He is reassuring the way Mr. Rogers was.


12 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping For An Amazing Day”

  1. On the final day before the set was dismantled and sent into storage i donated more than nine hours of my time and the cost of balloons to spend the day twisting balloon wishes entertaining hundreds of children taking the final tours of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.
    After a pirouette of glee when i handed her a balloon flower one little girl motioned her mother to crouch down allowing her ear for the little girl to whisper into.
    “Well you will have to ask him.” The mother replied to those whispered words.
    Suspecting she might want the balloon butterfly (flutterby) wings made for many other children i readied for the request from the shyly excited child.
    “She wants to know if she can give you a hug.” Her mother voiced the little girls whisper.

    A photo of Mr Mcfeeley and i as the last to leave the Neighborhood of Make-Believe hangs in my living room. Mr Mcfeeley is holding the seven balloon motorcycle made to help him with his “Speedy Delivery.”

    My way of tapping into an awesome day.

    1. Now THAT’S a beautiful tap, Brother Strawberry!

      It made me wish I’d been there to experience it.

      Exquisitely written! You lifted and carried the reader through a seemingly magical, seemingly surreal dream.

      Thank you!

      I’d love to see that photograph. Was the set in L.A. or New York? or elsewhere?

      Thank you, also, for the gifts you gave, and the memories you created, for those little ones! Right on!!!!! Bravo!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

      1. The set for Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was at WQED studio here in his hometown of Pittsburgh.
        It was indeed an absolutely magical day.
        The photo of Mr Mcfeeley and me is in your email inbox.

        1. Brother Strawberry, I didn’t get the feeling that your story was “an attempt for attention or to center anything here around” you.

          Your story gave me the impression that it was only a reminiscing about one grateful man’s devout tribute to an authentically quintessential public servant, Fred Rogers.

          Fred Rogers: A supreme role model for “Making America Great Again”.

          Fred Rogers: A soldier of unprecedented and unsurpassed heroic accomplishments for opening, securing and guiding humanity’s passage to global “Hope And Change”.

          “They did not listen.
          They’re not listening still.
          Perhaps they never will.”

          So it goes.

          Thank you for the photograph! …and again, thank you for being the one whom those little ones will treasure for the rest of their lives, for YOUR contribution to THE BEST OF their lives.

          So it goes.

          1. You would have probably loved to have been there when members of the phelps westboro baptist clan showed up to protest the memorial service for Fred Rogers.
            Our MUCH larger congregation showed up to counter the hate.
            We all wore sweaters, sang his songs and carried large signs with his quotes and characters to block and distract those attending the service from view of signs declaring Mister Rogers a “fag enabler” who will “burn in hell”.
            My sign was a huge picture of Bob the Dog

            Probably my favorite memory of that day is the moment when as the westboro baptists were leaving, a young girl who couldn’t have been more than twelve was struggling to fit her “god hates fags” sign into the back seat of the car with her.
            Our eyes met.
            Though i recognized the fear in her eyes it was clearly not caused by me.
            “I was raised like you.” i told her. “I believed it too. But why would you worship, believe in or trust a god who hates someone he created? What if he changes his mind about you? What if he already has?”

            Her eyes widened noticeably.

            Hope to have made some sort of positive influence on her.

            1. Wow! Most certainly you did provide “some sort of positive influence on her”!

              I loved hearing about your presence and actions at the memorial service.

              You all wore sweaters. That’s very precious. Very moving.

              Thank you.

              {Afterwords: Notice that the crusading, right-wing media writers and TV talking heads are never seen whining about the nastiness, vulgarity, viciousness, violence, Stalinism, un-Americanism and immorality of the Westboro Baptist terrorists.

              Obviously, for reasons easy to comprehend, the crusading right-wing media considers criticism of the Westboro Baptist clan to not be politically correct, EXACTLY as the crusading left-wing media considers criticism of Islam to not be PC.

  2. Tapping is yet another psychological habit and so we then repeat and repeat until we turn into robots so I would not go near anything that dulls the mind. Mantra, prayer, all these things turn us into robots, following the instructions… This is very dangerous. Read Jiddu Krishnamurti, the last world teacher, he warned us of the brain repeating itself..

    1. John, thank you. I will consider this. Personally, I do this so seldom that I am not worried! But it’s a very valid counter-point. Generally, I am against anything robotic!

      1. Celia, read Jiddu Krishnamurti’s The Penguin Krishnamurti Reader 1 and 2. You can pick up copies for a few pence each. When in robotic mode, the process of thought is a dangerous thing. This is the antithesis of psychological freedom. No doubt that these psychological techniques have some kind of effect, but just think what we are throwing away or denying. This turns tapping into some kind of drug effect or some kind of crutch. I suggest, leave it well alone. A long time ago I practiced TM, repeating a mantra until my mind was so dull that I could not think straight. This was habitual, robotic behaviour. This is not thought in its rightful place, it is not freedom, it is a prison sentence.

  3. I heard that this “tapping” phenomenon is a social-engineering/mind-control operation, developed and deployed by the CIA, and intended to condition the population for accepting the routine tapping of all their communications, which, as we know, is indeed the current “national security” norm.

    All that aside, Mr. Rogers is the only “children’s” show I still watch on Public Broadcasting. I admire that dude. He’s so uncommonly sensitive, gentle, emotionally generous, tolerant, composed, modest, humble, and harmless, yet firm in the ethics of justice, harmony, simplicity, and communal unselfishness.

    Some of my local friends actually despise him, and suspect him of being a “perve”, because of their own prejudices regarding what is and is not “manly”.

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