The World Today According To Terrence Williams


This guys makes me laugh. I don’t think he’s cruel, like most comedians. Sean Hannity aired one of his clips and he blew up on Twitter.

Sometimes we have to puncture some of our balloons. Concepts like “government” and “journalism.”

4 thoughts on “The World Today According To Terrence Williams”

  1. Yup. He’s good. The Dems deserve all the ridicule they get, swamp-dwellers that they are, like the Reps. Sheer lunacy coming from the Left these days; never thought I’d see it. Guess they’re still mad as a wet hen after getting their butts kicked. With an A-one sycophant like Comey their bright light du jour, they are sinking into irrelevance, while Trump has done absolutely zero to give justice to all the vaccine-injured families in the nation. Zilch. You, on the other hand are a real bright light, a real journalist, as is Sharyl Attkisson. Please keep it up! I’ve unsubscribed from The Intercept. They appear to be acolytes of the Church of Global Warming, and Comeyphiles to boot. Haven’t time for such crap.

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