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Q: What happens when you send pink light and love to someone else?

Abraham: You activate a vibration of connection within yourself which causes the object of your attention to have the same vibration activated within them. In other words, whatever you hold as your object of attention IS vibrating but EVERYTHING is that two ended stick we were talking about. So every person that you look at has things in them that you would LIKE as you see them and things within them that you would NOT LIKE as you see them. And the way you feel about them is NOT so much about what they’ve got activated, it’s about what YOU’VE got active, which is causing you to rendezvous with THAT aspect of them. So as these people got together and agreed about their criticism, they got it active pretty good and we imagine got more and more of it for a while. And then they reached a point of sort of critical mass where they were clearly getting further and further away from WHO THEY ARE and KNEW it. It’s a wonderful thing they had that kind of awareness going on, and then they visualised, now clearly their idea of the pink light was love and appreciation and so as they deliberately focused there, because of their power of their desire and their willinginess to do it and even their COLLECTIVE willingness to do it, they managed to active within themselves something very different than had been activated before and we imagine the feeling of relief was palpable. And as they activated the different vibration within them, they rendezvoused with a different characteristics in THAT person. We would like you to understand that EVERY person on the planet has the potential of THRILLING you beyond description and causing you DESPAIR beyond description, it just depends on what part of them is active in YOU.” by Vera Mrsa

Pink light is to be sent to those who need healing, someone you have difficulty with, a difficult situation, your loved ones who are having a difficult time, and your family. Start seeing the person in your mind, in your imagination. Surround them quickly with a lot of pink light, or pink smoke, which symbolizes love. Send them love from your body to theirs, strongly, from your chest/heart/solarplexus area. Keep talking to yourself and to them about how much you love them, and feel yourself sending them love. Stop after two minutes. Do morning and evening.

This sending of love raises your vibration, and in return the other person must either raise their vibration to match yours, or vibrate out. You should see results 3-7 days. What is the difference in pink light sending, and prayer? Very little. Prayer sometimes includes asking (with or without thanksgiving). Pink light symbolizes Love, which is sending God INTO the situation (God is Love).

– Patti Blankenship




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