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  1. Really tired of all the love bombing.
    I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve been ridiculed, insulted, and debased for not accepting the unsolicited love philosophies of woowoo converts. I’ve been told to go and wallow in my hate in the most rage fueled and hateful ways, I’ve been urged to feel bad and disgusted in myself because I don’t subscribe to their brand of love and there fore I am not worthy of love.
    I love those that love me not those that aim to harm me.
    No amount of love will stop a predator in it’s tracks when it decides you are it’s prey. Go ahead and stand there beaming your love light when he comes to collect, it just makes his job of killing you all that much easier.

        1. Jesus not only drove money changers from the temple, but he also cleared out those who were selling animals.

          When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple courts he found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money.

          So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. – John 2:13-15 NIV

          Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there.

          He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’” – Matthew 21:12-13 NIV

          Why Did Jesus Drive Them Out?

          1. They Were Taking Advantage Of Those Who Had Traveled Long Distances To Celebrate Passover.

          Two things were essential for these foreign worshipers: an animal to sacrifice and Temple coins which local merchants would accept. There was probably nothing wrong with selling animals or operating a legitimate money exchange, but, according to Jesus, these particular vendors were a “den of robbers” who undoubtedly charged exorbitant rates, thus taking advantage of those who seemingly had no other options.

          2. They Were Doing So In The Temple.

          Evidently, these shysters set up shop in the Court of the Gentiles, effectively crowding out those who had traveled to worship. Furthermore, they were perverting the purpose of the Temple itself; Jesus exclaimed that they were turning the house of prayer into a den of robbers. Not good!

          In summary, these “businessmen” were guilty of a double whammy: they took advantage of others and they blocked God’s purposes in doing so. No wonder Jesus was angry!

          What Should We Learn?

          1. Don’t Make The Same Mistakes.

          Of course we won’t literally be selling sacrificial animals or providing a money exchange for worshipers, but we can take advantage of others. Do you ever use others to in order to advance your own purposes? Have you ever borrowed money from a generous friend when you have no intention of repayment? At work, do you push the less savory tasks onto your subordinate simply because you have the power to do so? Do you ask favors of people who don’t know how to say no?

          2. Speak Up When Others Do The Same Thing.

          The flip side of taking advantage of others is speaking up when you see someone else doing it. Jesus spoke up in no uncertain terms . . . perhaps we should do the same?

            1. “judgmental”?
              Who have i cast judgment on?
              Who have i condemned?

              I do not prejudge people based on my assumption of their nationality or race.
              I would never prejudge an entire race with words like you wrote…”You are welcome to embrace the atavistic behavior of the blacks with their lynch mobs and “knockout game.””
              And i live in a ghetto greatly outnumbered by the blacks you so clearly despise. The blood stained snow bank from a still unsolved January homicide a few years ago remained until the March thaw. Three of the five properties surrounding mine have been raided for selling heroin. Two of them were black families. The third was Italian. Sales continue daily in my street. Sometimes they have children 7-9 years old deliver to waiting cars. The kids all know me as Brother Strawberry and hope for balloons every time they see me. I generally have the time to grant their hopes.
              I do not mock calls or suggestions to focus on love, hope and positive energy instead of hate.

              I quoted Jesus.


              Wasn’t it you who…

  2. The nastiest and most vicious people I’ve ever met were all about Peace And Love. Most of them are from California. Only animals are capable of unconditional love. The Manson Family went around preaching peace and love. The misguided altruism of open (weaponized, really) immigration is destroying the white homelands of Europe. We are in a global race war, unfortunately. Love has no value if you give it to anybody. I always write-in “New Yorker” on forms that ask for my race. That means that I assume that people are shits until they prove otherwise.

    It works for me. YMMV.

    1. Some of the most hateful, hurtful and evil people call themselves christians acting in the name of their god but nothing like the namesake of their religion.
      Your point

      1. Christians aren’t anywhere near as bad as the White Light Tree Hugging New Age Blissninnies.

        You exist because you are descended from killer apes. Remember that.

        1. Clearly you have not been blessed with the xtians that my life has known.
          It is blasphemy to the name of Christ that they use his name to justify their hateful ignorance.
          Never claimed any more noble lineage than killer apes.
          Perhaps guttersnipe.
          Again, your point?

    2. Alan,

      I have been pretty tough on hippies here, but they now strike me as angels compared to the weaponized zombies of Antifa. They’ve grown on me. I think I could get along perfectly with any hippie now! In the tribal warfare of Europe circa 1980, I was in the punk/post punk tribe, so we HAD to scorn hippies. We shared a collective art space, an abandoned show factory with them, in the small sleepy city, and looking back, they were sweet and we were fairly horrid. They danced like hippies do, all flowy, whereas we just lunged at a tilted angle in a forward motion with arms by sides–I saw the same dance when I saw in Kenya 2008, the Masai males. Same dance! I wondered of anybody ever made that anthropological connection before. (Is that the right word?)

      SURELY you don’t think everybody is a a shit in NYC?

      We are not known for being the nicest, that’s for sure. I’m a New Yorker too, but I am in denial. I keep thinking I must be from somewhere else. I don’t relate to this place at all, but always wind up back here, after various botched attempts to move somewhere decent.

    3. ” That means that I assume that people are shits until they prove otherwise.”

      What a sad way to live.

          1. You are welcome to love the cops as they beat the shit out of you in the street. You are welcome to embrace the atavistic behavior of the blacks with their lynch mobs and “knockout game.” You are free to welcome colonials from every third-world shithole on Earth. I hope it works out for you.

            You obviously harbor a great deal of acutely judgmental hatred beneath that smily face and pseudo-monastic alias.

            1. Would you please provide evidence or example of this “great deal of acutely judgmental hatred ” i am so obviously harboring?
              Other than that hatred harbored for lies, the lying liars that tell lies and the damage caused by fanatical faith in lies and unfounded dogma of course.

    1. Hi Alan, and welcome! Brother Strawberry was actually given that nickname by Kurt Vonnegut, who he was quite close with.

      Anyway, so glad to see you here!

      1. Brother Strawberry is more than a nickname.
        Brother Strawberry is the name Kurt Vonnegut addressed me with the first time he wrote to me. He was referencing the time a few months earlier when as we were leaving the front door of his Manhattan brownstone he introduced me to a woman who was just arriving as “my long lost brother.” If you have read the work of the man then considered the greatest living American writer you would understand.
        Staff and residents at the nursing homes I visit know me only as Brother Strawberry.
        Children playing in the streets of the impoverished ghetto where we live shout “Brother Strawberry” and flash me the two fingered peace sign when I drive by.
        I taught them the peace sign.
        Brother Strawberry is much more than a nickname.
        Brother Strawberry is who I am.

        What I find interesting is how warmly Celia welcomes someone who with apparently their first posted comment prejudged, mocked and basically attacked my words of Hope and Love.

        Revealing, isn’t it?

        1. As ever, Brother Strawberry, I stand corrected. I thought “nickname” was the right word. I don’t arrange all my responses around you, though you have gotten an extraordinary amount of attention, which you seem to take for granted. Why should everything revolve around your upsets, your sense of slight?

          As for me welcoming Alan Cabal, as it happens, I have known his work since he wrote for NY Press, which I did too from time to time, i.e. we share roots. I welcomed Alan because when you “see” somebody you know from somewhere, you generally acknowledge that they have entered the room so to speak. The idea that you felt this was a reward for Alan’s question as to whether you are Swedish, as well as your refusal to see that my reply about you and Vonnegut, was NORMAL, means you have a desire for friction. You desire to put people (especially me) down, to feel very sorry for yourself even when you have in no way been slighted, but rather, shown respect. I am considering blocking you. There is NO WAY to generate interest in peace in you.

          1. Celia
            You truly need
            As i have repeatedly requested
            To review our history of correspondence
            Including my posts deleted from your site.
            You would see that i have NEVER berated, attacked,
            ridiculed or condemned you, your work or your words but have in fact repeatedly defended your history of outstanding and groundbreaking research journalism from the likes of r a davis and others deriding it. Even my post questioning your suggestion that media coverage of a presidential candidate compared with Orwell’s Two Minutes Hate was nothing less than civil.
            Will send you my copies if need be.

            As previously stated my comment of you being the better writer that Bowie deserved was in response to what was feared to be condemnation of one of the most influential artists/beings on my life. Apologies if mistaken were included.

            You tolerate ericson spewing profanity and name calling with never a rebuke yet took such offense and defense at my suggestion ericson was a parody when they asked what george w bush ever did to anybody. Should i have posted essay detailing the countless thousands of american soldiers, citizens of other countries and the families of each who have been killed or had their lives ruined because of an endless war founded on lies?
            You allow John Powell to mercilessly mock the president (who i have never voiced an opinion regarding but have only quoted) and your god while others post lengthy essays berating god belief and slave religions yet you are horribly assaulted by my asking what a god has ever done for you!
            Or for anyone!!

            BTW to J Powell…your reply to my post of tRump supporters was brilliance.

            There was nothing in my words that shamed, attacked or rebuked you for calling Brother Strawberry a nickname. Simply an assertion that it means so much more to me.

            While never expecting you to arrange your responses around me nor anything here to revolve around my upset, my sense of slight, the topic of discussion was in fact mockery of my call for concentration on Love and Hope as well as my presumed nationality.

            ” The idea that you felt this was a reward for Alan’s question as to whether you are Swedish, as well as your refusal to see that my reply about you and Vonnegut, was NORMAL, means you have a desire for friction. ”

            Two entirely unrelated issues.
            My question is why you would welcome such deliberately deriding comment.
            You said nothing to discourage his boorish behavior.
            You disregard the provocation of comments calling me names, insulting my intelligence/social standing, mocking my words and presumed nationality while crying such hypersensitive offense to any and everything i say.

            Nothing in my comment shamed, scolded or rebuked you for using the term nickname. It simply asserted calmly, civilly and without provocation that the name means so much more.

            If you choose to block me will you show the integrity of demonstrating with evidentiary proof your claims against me justifying such banishment?

            Nothing I said scolded, shamed, attacked or berated your use of the word nickname.
            If you can see that Hopefully you will see that nothing I
            i have ever said or writ here or in personal correspondence has attacked, bullied, condemned or denigrated you or your work.
            If you feel that it has please present example of such transgression and allow for clarification, understanding and peaceful resolution.

            1. Posted a Muppets video and few words detailing the significance of the name given me by the man who helped define my image of what a god may be.

              For that i am threatened to be blocked?

              Who needs to “lighten up”?

            2. Brother Strawberry, here again, was my entirely civilized comment, which you pounced upon. Sorry but Brother Strawberry WAS in fact the nickname given to you by Kurt Vonnegut, who, as I said, you were very close to. Do you really not see how divisive it is to start fights over EVERYTHING?

              I wrote:

              Hi Alan, and welcome! Brother Strawberry was actually given that nickname by Kurt Vonnegut, who he was quite close with.

              Anyway, so glad to see you here!

            3. Brother Strawberry, OK: I think I can see…where I made assumptions, read perhaps more hostility into your words than you intended.

              I just feel that anything I say, you counter. Anybody who disagrees with me, you heap fulsome praise upon.

              I don’t think I am abetter writer. I was trying to say: Bowie WAS into Satanism. I wanted you to say: “Ok, you have proven it.” You said I had violated the man in his grave and worse!

              I have TRIED to account for, and a;apologize for, my errors and edges. But it seems to me you don’t notice or hear me.

  3. I posted the video for myself, and for everybody else who may need it. Without a doubt, the past year has been an energetic storm of anger, hate, rage, fear, etc. For all of us. Most of us. This is why I am so obsessed with countering it.

  4. This channeling is SO true because energy is magnetic — you get back what you put out. Hatred is totally toxic, but sometimes anger is justified. It’s how we choose to channel our anger that determines whether the experience is creative or destructive.

  5. Perhaps you should try concentrating more on the Auric and Spiritual Effects of Love and Hope.
    What you focus on will grow.

    1. Hello Brother Strawberry,

      “Perhaps you should try concentrating more on the Auric and Spiritual Effects of Love and Hope. What you focus on will grow.”

      In fact, Celia Farber IS concentrating on the “Auric and Spiritual Effects of Love and Hope”. And with that, you raise an interesting point.

      So often today we hear Left-leaning protesters, Trump-haters and Islamic apologists shouting, “Love Trump’s Hate”, lecturing everyone on how we need to focus on love to defeat Islamic terrorism and other genuine threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      These folks however are not focusing on love and hope like they claim to be, but are in fact focusing on self-deception. Focusing on love and hope in the face of a maniacal killer sometimes requires violent self-defense. That is not “focusing on war and hatred”. To claim such, and to frame sincere efforts at crushing threats like Communism, radical Leftism and Islamic terrorism as “focusing on war and hatred”, is not only hostile, but an unconscious way of aligning oneself with the very evil that spawns the hatred in the first place. It is a rhetorical trick; the invocation of a spiritual tool for neurotic reasons.

      Confronting hatred, sadistic violence and maniacal bloodshed is not the same thing as focusing on them. To pretend it is is to focus on self-deception.

      And what you focus on does indeed grow.

      1. You read so much
        In my few words wrote
        Only wish you could hear
        What they say.

        Good luck though with all that fear, hate, rage and “violent self defense”
        May you find deliverance from such hell

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