Chemical Holocaust: Studies Find Cause Of Ocean Death Not Warming Water But Glyphosate


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“Coral reefs are largely plant life. Glyphosate is a plant-killer, designed to annihilate any life it comes in contact with that isn’t protected by genetic modification. Run-off from agricultural spraying of this weed killer goes into our rivers and is dumped into the ocean in less than 40 days. It maintains roughly 80% of its killing capacity.

The researchers found the most notable phytoplankton declines in waters near both poles, in the tropics, as well as in the open ocean. So basically, everywhere. Conventional science tells us that phytoplankton die-off is due to warmer waters from climate change. Then one has to ask oneself: Why is the die-off also occurring in the colder waters at the Arctic poles? Apparently temperature is not the determining factor, so there goes the global warming explanation.”


Studies Link Monsanto’s Glyphosate to Ocean Death

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  1. Dr Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher, M.I.T. says:

    “it’s in the water, it’s in the rain. You can’t avoid it. It’s probably in whatever they use for organic fertilizer because you don’t get organic cows for the fertilizer that you use in organics.

    “So you’ve got glyphosate in organics. You can’t avoid it. But it’s considerably less (in organics) from what I’ve seen. There hasn’t been nearly enough testing of the food. That’s something that was almost not done at all.

    “It’s amazing. It’s by far the most used herbicide on the planet, and certainly, in this country. And our government is so convinced that it’s harmless, so they don’t see any reason to test for it, which is just so crazy.

    “So it’s been under the radar. People see problems with the insects, with the bees, the bee colony collapse and the monarch butterfly. The birds have this crazy beak overgrowth thing where the chickadees died because their beaks were so weird, they can’t eat.

    “All of those things, I can tie them very easily to glyphosate, as a component. So there are neonicotinoids killing the bees, but glyphosate makes the neonicotonoids much more toxic because it disrupts the liver’s ability to detox it. And that’s true for many toxic chemicals.

    “So glyphosate makes many other chemicals much more toxic than they would otherwise be, which is really a deadly synergistic toxicity’.

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