If this is the COMMERCIAL, imagine the reality


We live in a society that has gone utterly psychotic. The pharmaceutical industry was the driving force beneath the inversion of “life” and “death.” Listen to the words, starting around 0:19. Even by the standards of shocking pharmaceutical death cult propaganda, this one is arresting.

13 thoughts on “If this is the COMMERCIAL, imagine the reality”

  1. Highly concentrated cannabis oil cures most cancers. The recipe is available at phoenixtears.ca.

    The only side effect is that you will be incredibly high during the 60 days of treatment.

    1. Thank you I already have tried it for 120 days to no avail. As I have tried many other natural cures. I regret posting the question actually. It was an impulse after just hearing bad news from the oncologist.

  2. Chemo is a last ditch effort by the Medical Establishment to clear out your bank account.

    This type of commercial WORKS.

    Because the “zombies” actually have a death wish.

  3. The last thing Big Pharma wants you to know about is any natural cure for anything. Organic tumeric root, organic ginger root, unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar and borax (which can be taken diluted in water or taken as boron pills) all work to stop the pain of arthritis and prevent joint damage. I am living proof that all of these things work!

  4. Near the end they call this snake oil a “biologic,” meaning it contains DNA. Perhaps this explains the horrid list of adverse effects? A vaccine for RA? Oh, the wonders of biotechnology!

  5. Allow me to throw out a question here as big pharma is the subject.

    Who here would get chemo if it was a last ditch effort to prolong your life? I know this is a personal decision but I am at a crossroads

    1. You would have to be completely ignorant to believe chemo is a last ditch effort. Of course big pharma works real hard to suppress all the alternatives to their deadly (cancer causing in and of themselves) cocktails. My mother-in-law is living proof that the alternatives far outperform the big pharma option. She was given months to perhaps a year or two if she opted for chemo. That was 9 years ago. Her on oncologist is completely baffled as to what happened to the cancer, but not my wife and I.

    2. My wife, Terry, & I were given information in Sept 2007 & have shared it with everyone we meet. Please read my twitter profile & pinned tweets. We supplement with 1200mg KanekaQH Ubiquinol since Jan 2008. We have health issues that require larger dose. We are 74 years young. Eat Organic only. No Carbs, Drink Alkaline water only & do not take statins that destroy all CoQ10 in every cell

    3. Chemotherapy is poison! It destroys the mind as well as the body. Food grade hydrogen peroxide (available in any health food store) taken with distilled water cures cancer because of the oxygenation. New research shows that antibiotics (which I generally don’t recommend) in conjunction with vitamin C also kill cancer. I suggest you consult a good homeopathic or naturopathic doctor and stay away from the medical doctors. And Peter is absolutely right about organic!

  6. Yeah, and yet Big Brother keeps me in fear of being sent to prison for having the buds of a beautiful plant (an herb) in my pocket, or on my living room table. An aquaintance of mine was recently sentenced to 18 years in state prison for having 18 grams of an herb which never killed anybody, and which NEVER COULD produce the dangerous side effects listed in that commercial.

    Free country?

    For who?

    For those who can buy the men and women who sit in the offices of Big Brother, Inc. (those who can pay to have monopolies on “medicine” and “morality” enforced by legislated oppression.

    May every one of them someday reap, in some way, the oppressions and imprisonments they’ve sown and intend to continue sowing in the name of “liberty and justice for all”.

    Frauds and liars, left and right, to keep those campaign $millions rolling in from big pharma and big religion, and to keep up their public image of conformity to the still-popular antiquated code of Puritan culture.

    Freedom? Liberty? Greatness? Progressive? Anti-Nanny-State? Left? Right? BULLSHIT!

    The U.S.’s federal big pharma and marijuana policies make the whole ruling class a morally and materially corrupt tyranny. There’s no justice, and no liberty, and that equals Con Job.

    1. I could not agree more John. The US has the most backward laws regarding health freedom in the developed world and I write this from Canada where we have rationed (not free) health care.

      I think US laws are holding up the legalization process here.

  7. Un-believable.

    It sounded to me like a joke for a moment, but it wasn’t at all funny or intended to be a joke. It would have gotten quite the laughs though, if it were being played on Saturday Night Live.

    Sheesh, people.

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