Gavin McInnes In Hilarious Conversation With Alex Jones Post Comey Testimony

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“That’s what all of journalism is today. It’s bitter, angry nerds who should be hanging from a basketball hoop from the waistband of their underwear.”

4 thoughts on “Gavin McInnes In Hilarious Conversation With Alex Jones Post Comey Testimony”

  1. That is a valid point and here is my reply:

    These voices are countering an institutionalized bullying by the US mainstream media that has been pummeling and beating the living daylights out of people who don’t conform to Group Think, so mocking them in this way is not the same as pure bullying, which arises from no provocation. It’s called fighting back and using humor to repel bullies. Humor is a valid tool to fight back with.

    Now you are an interesting case: You are willing to post select outtakes of my emails to you here at The Truth Barrier, always ready to show up and throw another dart, but not willing to reply to my private emails to you. The idea was that if we could resolve this dispute, which happens only when both sides agree they helped cause the problem, we might spare OTHER people here this damp, sour energy always re-emerging. I try not to take out my grievances on others in public places.

    BTW, what did you think of the Bowie video? I can’t see any mea culpa from you. “You were correct, Celia.”

    1. Please do not mistake my lack of reply to suggest a lack of eagerness to resolve this issue. Been spending hours every day creating memories and joy for countless children and their parents by twisting balloons for them at an art festival. One little boy and his mother told me a story about a little girl who gave him a balloon animal when they were in Sweden airport. She had two and wanted to share with him. To continue this new tradition I gave him an extra balloon creation to give away. Another little boy who apparently suffers severe social anxiety issues astounded his father by communicating his request for a penguin directly to me.
      Suffer the little children.

    2. BTW Ask any nerd who has been hung from a basketball hoop by the waistband of their underwear how humorous it is.

      No “mea-culpa” due.
      Your video link would not play. “An error occurred”
      What did you think of the video I repeatedly posted and you repeatedly deleted where Bowie equates his exploration of satanism with his exploration of knitting?

  2. “nerds who should be hanging from a basketball hoop from the waistband of their underwear”

    Isn’t that a prime example of bullying?


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