What We Don’t Understand About The Paris Climate Accord

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A Very Weird Sentence In The New York Times, in a strangely euphemistic “Q&A” about the Paris Climate Accord, which I turned to to get the basic facts straight:

“China vowed that its emissions would peak around 2030 and that it would get about 20 percent of its electricity from carbon-free sources by then. India would continue to reduce its carbon intensity, or CO2 output per unit of economic activity, in line with historical levels.”

Also this bizarre graph:

“Unlike its predecessor treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris deal was intended to be nonbinding, so that countries could tailor their climate plans to their domestic situations and alter them as circumstances changed. There are no penalties for falling short of declared targets. The hope was that, through peer pressure and diplomacy, these policies would be strengthened over time.”

“…tailor their climate plans to their domestic situations and alter them as circumstances changed?”

Why does US media treat the world’s biggest polluters, or “emitters,” China and India, with such deference, and why does this deal allow them to increase emissions until…2030?

Two unmissable discussions about the Paris Climate Accord, last night and tonight, on Tucker Carlson’s show. Tucker’s show is more sharply observed, written, and produced than anything I know of on television. His face may be God’s way of luring his prey into that studio, as he looks so harmless.



6 thoughts on “What We Don’t Understand About The Paris Climate Accord”

  1. Finally had time to watch a bit of both of the clips. Tucker Carlson is good. Never thought I’d think Fox News was closer to the truth than all the rest, but it is. Trump is right about this. The Paris agreement belongs in the trash can. Al Gore! Fabulously rich from this scam. Perhaps we should take lessons from him?

  2. Here’s what Jerome Corsi tweeted:

    2 hours ago

    Climate Change (aka Global Warming) =globalist UN scheme to tax USA & redistribute income to UN HIERARCHY & dictator while China India laugh

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  3. YES !!! In my observation the conversation steered toward Co2 has always been a deflection from the biggest crime which is the degradation of our home with chemical poisons.

    Thank you for bringing it up!!

  4. The “Paris Climate accord” is a total mistake !! It ridiculously confuses the dramatic POLLUTION of evident industrial origin and which is a major world problem with a pretended CLIMATE warming that is a hoax.

      1. Yes, and like tobacco science and vaccine science. The MSM is basically a giant propaganda operation. Reducing energy production and sickening and reducing world population is part of the globalist agenda. I little understood (real) climate science until I began reading the excellent blog of Dr. Judith Curry, Climate, Etc. Highly technical, and sometimes beyond my understanding, but it is clear that, while Earth’s climate is warming, it is not doing so in any catastrophic way. While we see a reduction in sea ice in the arctic, the quantity of ice in the antarctic is growing, and this is not an anomaly, but has occurred in in other periods of climate reversal in the deep history of the Earth. We simply don’t know to what extent rising CO2 levels affect climate, but plant life is happy about it. The Earth is greening as a result.

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