Full Kathy Griffin Press Conference: Accuses Trump’s Whole Family Of Bullying Her When They React Negatively To Decapitation Video


Or…”How To Virtue Signal While Expressing Homicidal Decapitation Fantasies: By Kathy Griffin.”

I got through 14 minutes of this, which means I beat my friend Sal by 13 minutes. If you need a refresher course on the baroque multi-directional flying carpet narcissism of the PC trash crowd, you have it here. The Truth Barrier takes the position that to should not come as a shock when Americans recoil over a broadcast image of their President’s blood-soaked head, especially in the age of ISIS, and the very real beheadings taking place. I GET that she was creating a response to Trump’s bizarre comment about blood pouring out of Megan Kelly’s eyes and “wherever,”  (which I had forgotten, and which was probably among the strangest things Trump ever said.) Re-wrapping your own atrocious conduct in justifications, eye rolling, whining, as this lawyer is doing so inelegantly, is in addition to be foul, also an enormous PR mistake.

Griffin is unintelligent enough to partake in “The AIDS Walk,” so why would I hope she had heard of ISIS, or could anticipate that this decapitation video would traumatize the nation. And “allegedly” (bitch, lawyer) Barron Trump.

I think how back-fiery this is, how tone deaf to this American moment, is what is hardest to take about it. The fact that they think this was the way to go, rather than a mea culpa, and partaking in healing the nation of hate, which would have saved Griffin’s career.

Why must American women be so grotesque, in order to be in the popular imagination? Unconsciously, what the sadomasochistic  male dominated media does is to compel women to self-immolate. Women being moronic and self destructive is good for business.

One last thing: Lisa Bloom’s comment suggesting all President Trump does is tweet foolishness, destroys her fleet on the tarmac. It’s absurd. As it is absurd, as much as I detest hunting, to suggest Trump’s son had to “take time away from killing animals” to attack Griffin.

God how I hate distortion and exaggeration. These, forgive me, feminine qualities of manipulating everything until you have no moral code or responsibility, rather, you are the victim.

In a PC inverted world, you can even be astonished anybody would be upset by a bloodied head of the President raised slowly, executioner style–I don’t know, not my forte.

Why can’t women, much less PC progressives, just say “I’m sorry, I was wrong, ” and leave it at that?

Narcissists always make the victim pay, for the crack in the self adoring mirror.

Still, Griffin’s attorney is so awful and humorless that it endears me to her, by comparison.

Something is wrong with her jaw and mouth. She does need to drink water, as she says. More water. God this is sad.

I would worry about her, if I were her mother or close friend. Right now, she is not in control of her own mind, but is casting about for “love” inside a system of codified hate, in which she took a wrong turn and tripped a wire she believed was OK. She reminds me of a love-starved dog. All this weepy flinging oneself onto LGBT, minorities, people with “AIDS,” etc–all part of the pathology of love famine in the PC world. They can’t have love, or give it, so they instead are forced to use all these bankrupt pieties as tiny straws with which to suck in self worth.

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  1. Had Ms. Griffin simply stated “Paris 1789” then walked off stage in the above video, her response would have been devoid of self-pity and ready to face the Trump war machine.

    Ms. Griffin has no “backbone.”

    1. I agree. She has no backbone. Greg, can you elaborate? She should have associated then image with the French Rev? Better?

      1. This Griffin staked (ahem) out her position concerning our Orange Golem, our Imperator Caesar Caligula a’Reginae, to “lay down the gauntlet” by a making her position known with the use that prop

        Yes, Griffin would have been consistent in here views by reminding this Trump ahbout what becomes of “failed Gods”, as in there is no wrath like that of the masses when their God or Gods fail.

        An example of the consequences of being a failed God may be seen below.

        That this Griffin is too frivolous to make constructive use of that image of the” such “severed head” prop rendered this Griffin’s “comedic efforts” ineffective as a warning about such “Great Leaders”.

        Here re some images of failed God.


  2. I stand with those who could not stomach watching the entire video. Early on it was clear that this attorney was a spokesperson not for her client but rather launched into another neoliberal diatribe against the man who would drain the swamp. What does the climate change debate have to do with the severed head of a sitting president?
    “Persecuted like no other comedian?” Read up on the late Lenny Bruce.
    Hillary Clinton has destroyed the Democratic party, and nobody wants to admit it. She stole the nomination from Bernie, and when she lost, blamed it on the Russians. And the party, who went along with this myth, further distanced itself from reality.
    The Democrats are dead. Because they will not sever the head of their own party.

  3. “All this weepy flinging oneself onto LGBT, minorities, people with “AIDS,” etc–all part of the pathology of love famine in the PC world. They can’t have love, or give it, so they instead are forced to use all these bankrupt pieties as tiny straws with which to suck in self worth.”

    That rocks. /\

  4. How can she not see how out of her mind wrong she is? I mean…it’s completely unhinged. What is his FAMILY, supposed to do? They LOVE HIM. HE’S THEIR DAD.

    I know it’s weird, but it does happen. Some people love their parents. I know, it’s weird.

    1. “How can she not see how out of her mind wrong she is?” I know!! Great wording. This is completely crazy making.

  5. Celia: I had never heard of Kathy Griffin before, and was only vaguely aware of this story, but you absolutely nailed it in your post. The Left is self-destructing before our very eyes. A self-absorbed God-awful mess they’ve become. I only could stomach 7 minutes. That lawyer is something else. She should be sentenced to a year of house arrest with only the Book of Job for companionship.

  6. The Stalin Epigram
    Osip Mandelstam, 1891 – 1938

    Our lives no longer feel ground under them.
    At ten paces you can’t hear our words.

    But whenever there’s a snatch of talk
    it turns to the Kremlin mountaineer,

    the ten thick worms his fingers,
    his words like measures of weight,

    the huge laughing cockroaches on his top lip,
    the glitter of his boot-rims.

    Ringed with a scum of chicken-necked bosses
    he toys with the tributes of half-men.

    One whistles, another meows, a third snivels.
    He pokes out his finger and he alone goes boom.

    He forges decrees in a line like horseshoes,
    One for the groin, one the forehead, temple, eye.

    He rolls the executions on his tongue like berries.
    He wishes he could hug them like big friends from home.

    [Osip was arrested and tortured, shortly after expressing this ‘joke’,
    or mockery, of Stalin.
    This epigram, though only read beyond his own walls, once, in a small circle of friends,
    neither was it written down – he composed his works by heart – nor published, was to prove his ‘death-knell’]

    1. Kirkegaard says such interesting things about ‘the absurd’. Forgive me, if I have not grasped it properly..but I think he means that, because human beings are essentially both spiritual and physical in their composition, there is a great gap between two realities, both of which pertain to our experience as convincingly as each other. Thus we are ‘strung’, inwardly and outwardly, over a tremendous ‘tension’..but usually, not being able to ‘think our situation through’, we behave, as a consequence, in a number of ..yes, chaotic, ‘lurid’, burlesque? ABSURD ways. Like ‘untuned guitars’, unaware of our actual principals of construction, and rarely about to work WITH its anomalies, its extremes [say, where the strings are mounted on the body, and where they are – with enormous tension between the two ends – joined to the top part where the tuning MIGHT occur..if we could sufficiently self-perceive, in order to know we NEED the tuning…which we often can’t, or don’t..] so the anomalies continue to ‘play themselves out’. That is to say, they make wild strumming movements, they jangle in all directions, they make a lack of peace and harmony ever worse, by reaction, rather than “response”..whose ripening is slower, rounder, has often walked a rocky road to forgiveness..but is still free to speak truly, with less violence and chaos. There is such an art to this, and personally, I am only at the beginning of its ways, its subtle creativities and wisdoms. I can become a verbal coward, through my sensitivities, my wish to ‘harmonise at all costs’. What Kirkegaard brought me as a comfort, in the realm of considerations on ABSURDITIES, is that it has a deep part to play, by way of being the one factor in the human reporter able to, potentially, cleanse..in that gap between truth [in many faces] and what we must live, too, as factual human embodiment. We only have a ‘where-ever’ at all, and can be conscious of it, and insulted by references to it, because we are BOTH physical and conscious [spiritual beings.] Kierkegaard, a devout, brilliant, ”fatally honest” Christian, openly wrote that his faith was ‘absurd’ from a strictly rational point of view. But that it was nevertheless real. An entirely physical persepctive effectively cancels its opposite pole. A purely physical perspective judges and holds itself aloof ..at least to a degree? from the flesh, the body. We are – before we can develop a fusion of the two, in a sense, at least as far as Time, where we currently live, is concerned – on a sort of ‘rack’, through our bodies, unless we DENY our spiritual-moral component. The two individuals involved in this crash of bawdy, mud-slinging, might represent the extremes…and also demonstrate to us, so embarrassingly, baldly, crudely, yet maybe necessarily? just how jangled things get pre-integration, pre-ripening to truth. One person scream something. The other screams back. Desperate, and dangerous..the attempted walking of any kind of string, or ‘tight rope wire’, to move incrementally, in an integrative way, from either pole, towards its protagonist. But we won’t make music, ever, if we don’t attempt! Unfortunately, huge cultural force play in to this particular situation. The OUT THERE nature of American comedy, is one factor. At least it is ‘naked’, and can be seen for what it is. But it also tends to mechanistic, slap-stick styles, which, when the tuning is lacking, can only oscillate between gross and grosser, as any ‘beer and circuses’, ‘tit for tat’, based game might. Specially circuses, in this example! As such, these dynamics cannot be CREATIVE. Or integrative. They can only Whack, Cringe, Wince, etc…in an endless procession of distraction and hyperbole. The pies don’t even have ‘cream’ on them. God Bless Charlie Chaplin.

  7. Kathy Griffin is not a victim — she is a volunteer. Although she is genuinely talented, her pathological need for attention has always been disturbing. The fact that she initially defended her actions, then apologized, then screamed and cried that’s she’s the victim of a bully is a serious cry for help.

    I feel sorry for her and hope she gets the help she needs. Unfortunately, like most narcissists, she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her, so it most likely won’t occur to her to seek help.

    The Trumps didn’t destroy Kathy Griffin’s career — she did that to herself. She can’t take responsibility for her own behavior any more than Hillary Clinton can.

    These women are not true feminists and they are not good role models.

    Sad, sad, sad…

    1. I think you are right, in what you write, and also, With respect, Marcy, why can’t Kathy be both a ‘victim’, and a ‘volunteer’ ? Are not human beings, within their own ‘characters’, mostly, a mixed, and only gradually conscious, ‘bag’?
      Isn’t her profession filled with spontaneous urgency, a drastically boiling cauldron of elements in which survival, risk, daring and disaster make an astonishing cocktail of possibilities… which I for one would never either drink, or claim absolute control over?
      What DO we control, actually? God, not much. And if she has indeed destroyed her career, as Mandelstam did, by ‘joking’ -more luridly than he did, but everything IS more lurid now, than it was in his era, in Human Culture- to power, [albeit so sickly…but I haven’t even seen the thing, and live far away in another country..] then maybe that is a blessing in disguise. She can take a break. Integrate. 🙂
      People who “love” her..are free to continue.

      1. My point is that she created this situation through her own conduct, yet claims she is being victimized. She is not being victimized — she did something that was in extremely poor taste and now she is reaping the consequences of her actions. So no, I do not think she is both a victim and a volunteer. She should have anticipated a backlash and been prepared for it. By playing the victim, she diminishes the credibility of the apology she issued yesterday.

        I believed the apology she made yesterday, but today’s press conference destroyed any credibility yesterday’s apology could have garnered. I realize she is in pain, but she brought this on herself.

        And by the way, I couldn’t even watch ten seconds of her press conference — I could only read about it. I used to admire Kathy Griffin, but this is not the first time she had done something so shocking to my sensibilities that I have lost respect for her. And I am (among other things) a comic, so I don’t shock easily.

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