Nicky Gumbel: Christian Faith By Way Of A Secular Jewish Intellectual Upbringing

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What kind of Christian lecturer quotes Freddie Mercury, C.S. Lewis, The Gospels, and…Alice Cooper?

I am very grateful to my Facebook friend Safaa Hakim for sending me to Nicky Gumbel today. Stunned, I have had a hard time doing anything except listening to his videos, one after the other. I neglected to even eat anything until it was early evening and I got dizzy from from hunger. He’s honest, real, funny, “modern,” and …Jewish! And now: Christian. This progression makes perfect sense (finally) to me. I know I am excitable and impressionable; I know I have alienated some Truth Barrier readers with my Christian searchings, mostly just confused mutterings, so far. But I have come to think of confusion as a great medium. A train.

Gumbel also seems to have been raised, like so  many of us, on the churches of rock and roll, pop culture, and barren secular sophistication.   I personally relate to him very much. Through his resistances, you’re able to feel spoken to, as yourself–and you recognize the spiritual stalled-out train you have been on.  You want to get off, but you don’t know what to do. Finally, you begin to really listen. No longer does Christianity feel like an inside job, a club that would never have you, or something too esoteric for you to grasp.

I don’t want to sit around for the rest of my life trying to figure out how awful Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump may be. Or prove it. That’s my life? I’m a slave? I swallow nothing but ugly gossip and then I die.


I have come to wonder if Donald Trump is not quasi-Luciferian, in the sense that cultural hatred of him has forced our hand.

Yesterday: Comedian Kathy Griffin held up a decapitated Trump head. Last night she apologized, after considerable public disgust, and today CNN fired her from an upcoming TV event. Before it was over, Chelsea Clinton The Church of Satan (!) had denounced what she did, on Twitter, the modern electronic anti-humanity Church, loaded with millions of “bots” who attack people like swarms of hornets.

All she was doing was trying to impress her masters, who are the ones who got the froth going in the first place–they run it 24/7, and they do it for ratings.

I think Griffin will, at the end of it all, have served light, not darkness, by being willing to, as she said, “go too far,” and “cross a line.” I think this sent many Americans into a new kind of reflection and prayer today.


This one goes out to my son, Jeremy, on his 23rd birthday, today.

I thanked God for him today, in front of a Mary statue I sometimes pray at. But it was the first time in 23 years I even thought to give thanks to God, for the miracle of my own son. Something was clouding my soul: Modernity and an impoverished imagination. Before anything else is said: For me, being a beginner Christian is being a beginner at saying thank you.



4 thoughts on “Nicky Gumbel: Christian Faith By Way Of A Secular Jewish Intellectual Upbringing”

  1. As we witness this one man’s testament we must sort out the obvious impact on his life from a bunch of behavioral characteristics that afflict the practice of Christianity (and indeed most mass religions).

    We are invited to disregard those old testament Christians who are “pro life” while endorsing the death penalty; we must set aside the sexist bias of the early popes who (despite the Nag Hamadi gospels that identified Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus)reduced the Magdalene to the status of a common whore; we must overlook the fact that most if not all the gospels were written long afer the fact and by somebody else; overlook the fact that the doctrine of original sin puts us in a one-down position when we are born into the world (not to mention the sexual inhibition intrinsic to this belief system [see TSA groping at airports: “if we get ’em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow”]), we must overlook the marriage of church and state under Constantine;the whole of this producing an authoritarian religion serving as enabler to the authority of the State, and vice versa.

    And in evaluating the message of this former Jew, we are invited to ignore the adage that there is no more powerful zealot than a convert, and its corollary by Carl Sagan, “A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism.”

    Let us set all that aside and take this guy at his word. This same spiritual enlightenment is available via the Muslim Sufis, the Tibetan Duddhists, and, in my own case, Western ceremonial magic, among other avenues. Its universality attests to its genuineness.

    He is preaching the Gospel, which we have addressed above. Nothing new here. Why is he testifying to what has been testified to before? Is he some sort of AI robot urging us all to return to a slave religion?

    Why is he not serving soup to the disenfranchised?

    1. Sorry, that’s Tibetan Buddhist, not Guddhists, in the 3rd paragraph from the end.
      The last thing the world needs is another mass religion..

    2. An exquisite disection, R.A. Davis.

      Of course, in the time​ and space alloted, your blade was only able to penetrate the specimen’s shallows, but it was, nevertheless, an exquisitely-accomplished expository procedure.

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