The Truth About Popular Culture


Is anybody else, as I am, thinking: This can’t be happening?

How does Paul Joseph Watson stay in one piece? This is now new, but was brought to my attention for a second time and I watched it all the way through. There are no longer any words, really, that so justice to the Satanic storm we are in. What’s the answer? Is there one?

Say The Lord’s Prayer? Ignore? What?

7 thoughts on “The Truth About Popular Culture”

  1. Last time I looked, my TV still had an “off” switch.. No one said resistance was going to be easy, but it sure ain’t futile (unless we give up)

    1. “The youth are all poisoned with neurotoxins and endocrine disrupters, too.”

      And all kids are consuming daily female hormones (unless they purify their water) because the birth control hormones are excreted as well as just disposed of in the toilet and that water gets ‘cleaned’ and sent back to the house but those very small molecules are not getting removed. This is one reason we see a rise in very young girls worldwide having early puberty (it’s not just the hormones in the meat and dairy), and I believe it is one reason we see so many feminized boys now.

      And those substances, along with many others, are in the water we drink because the municipal water systems cannot get those small molecules out (too expensive). But it’s not too expensive if you do it in your home. A distiller will get things activated carbon will get and vice versa. If you’re worried about distillation taking minerals out of the water then just take a good mineral supplement, which is a good idea anyway. Most minerals we ‘normally’ get from food anyway (if the food wasn’t depleted). I prefer not to have to rely solely on a filter, no matter how great, to clean the water. But a distiller plus a filter (like a Berkey, where you can pour in the distilled water) is an awesome combination. And the Berkey will still function without water pressure or electricity in any location.

      With a filter/distiller combination you’re not drinking any birth control hormones, antibiotics, psych meds & other prescription meds–all of which are either disposed of, or excreted in, toilet. Plus there’s PFCs, insecticides, herbicides, and of course heavy metals, viruses, bacteria etc.

      Thanks for posting this “Truth About Popular Culture” Paul Joseph Watson vid, Celia. Truly jaw dropping. What a mirror he holds up for us. I’ll definitely be watching/listening to him more.

      1. Yes. I got myself a little distiller with a charcoal filter in the spout. It works great.
        I think the biggest toxic exposure that the millennials got is from the vaccines. Mercury is the mother toxin and when you get enough of it the body can’t detoxify anything else properly. I was just in my coop and the checkout person was a guy with heavy makeup and little breasts wearing a dress. More to the point, he had a tremor. Sure looked mercurial to me.

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