A Very Naomi Klein Moment: Pepsi Commercial Exposes The Bankruptcy Of Soros Funded SJW Mass Mind Control Movement


I missed this when it happened.

Wow this family is breathtakingly awful. Beautiful and immeasurably stupid. But in some ways, their awfulness lights up the darkened world by being too clueless to conceal its true nature, or even try.

We all express what we are, whether we wish to or not, at all times. So too: “Social Justice Warriors.”

6 thoughts on “A Very Naomi Klein Moment: Pepsi Commercial Exposes The Bankruptcy Of Soros Funded SJW Mass Mind Control Movement”

  1. I think Mark Dice is just being cynical here – a bit childish. I enjoyed very much his piece on Bill Clinton’s face when the women walked into the Trump – HRC debate. That was priceless.

  2. I’m confused. Who is being criticized here? If the add is insipid and patronizing (as Mark admits), why are liberals “lunatic” for rejecting it?

  3. I am not made the victim of a “mind control movement”, by a television advertisement.

    There is nothing intrinsically diabolical about advertisements. They are essential to the capitalist, competitive marketing of goods and services.

    I haven’t consumed any type of “soda pop” since I swore it off during my late teens, almost fifty years ago. I really hate it, but, I really love this Pepsi advertisement.

    I see lots of healthy, socially inspiring, holistic, inclusive tolerance, and barrier-breaking invigoration, exhilaration, jubilation and enthusiasm in the advertisements imagery.

    I see the offering of a refreshing beverage to a police officer as a positive symbol of respect, understanding, empathy, brotherhood/sisterhood, and as an expression of a positive sense of community common interest.

    I got a feeling of community loveliness from the advertisement.

    I got a feeling of racist bitterness and resentment, from the critic’s bombastic narration over the advertisement.

    With obvious racial and religious hostility, he mocked the demonstration, calling it a “Black Lives Matter” protest. It was NOT a Black Lives Matter protest. There is ZERO signage or other messaging of the Black Lives Matter initiative within the advertisement.

    He also mocked, with racial hostility, the “fist-bump” greeting expressing friendship between the races; and he did the same regarding the innocently-humane fellowship expressed between the white woman and the two black males.

    The woman wearing the scarf was just a woman wearing a scarf, but he chose (because of his militantly bigoted mindset) to mock her as a Muslim, instead of appreciating and valuing her essential humanity.

    The two possible transgendered persons were just two possible transgendered persons, but he mocked them as objects to be dehumanized and despised just for being part of the community, and just for being part of the community’s gathering under the signage advocating ONLY love and peace.

    It seems to me to be quite misanthropic, to hate imagery of community loveliness, just because it is imagery of community loveliness.

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