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“Let me give you another example of how rejection can occur at a very young age and of the spiritual impact it can have on a child. Many years ago I was conducting services at a church in Miami. While visiting one of the parishioners at home a few
nights earlier, I had done something I rarely do. I said to her, “Sister, if I’m correct, you have the spirit of death in you.”
She had every reason to be happy, but she never was. She had a good husband and children, yet she hardly ever smiled or looked happy. She was like a person in continual mourning. Although I very rarely make that kind of statement to anybody,
I felt I had to say something to her that night.
I said, “I’m preaching on Friday night in Miami. If you come, I’ll pray for you.”
At the beginning of the meeting I noticed her sitting on the front row. Once again, I did something I do not usually do. At a certain point in the service, I walked over to her and said, “You spirit of death, in the name of Jesus, I command you to answer me now. When did you enter this woman?”
And the spirit, not the woman, answered very clearly, “When she was two years old.”
I said, “How did you get in?”
Again it was the spirit that answered, “Oh, she felt rejected; she felt unwanted; she felt lonely.”
Later that evening, the woman was delivered from the spirit of death, but for several days that incident kept coming back to my mind. It gave me a new understanding of the effect that rejection can have on a person’s life. It is not merely evil in itself, but it also opens the door for various other negative, destructive forces to move in and gradually take over a person’s life. Rejection truly is a root from which much that is harmful can grow.”


From: God’s Remedy for Rejection,

Derek Prince

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  1. This is the very reason my wife, Terry & I wear “The Cross Of Saint Benedict” Evil in spirit form, at times, is interred in a Witch or Warlock & “Can” enter your soul, the moment you show the first sign of fear.

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