Make No Allowances For A Cold Disposition




Ill will is ill will.

We should oppose ill will.

Not targeted persons, but rather–the spiritual impulse that produces the ill will.

The media is the source of the “emotional plague” that sets humans into psychosis and division.

This is the invasion of Ahriman that R. Steiner predicted accurately: That his (Ahriman’s) nature would invade and take hold, around the year 1998, through electromagnetism.

Steiner called his nature “perfectly cold.”

I am terrified of cold people. Not wrong people–cold people.

4 thoughts on “Make No Allowances For A Cold Disposition”

  1. The clinical term for this phenomenon is “psychopathology” and it is at epidemic levels in the global population. Part of the reason is the complete psychopathology of the mainstream media. People are “programmed” by television (why do you think they call it “television programming”), movies and other media into psychopathic thinking and behavior (e.g., “greed it good,” “every man for himself,” etc.), to say nothing of having normalized lying and dishonesty — behaviors that devolve the soul.

  2. In psychology it could be seen as a “left brain” imbalance with a person completely out of touch with emotions. It is a response to trauma. It is not the *only* response to trauma. Most people either process trauma or suffer the pain of containing the trauma without passing it on.

    As to the spiritual dimensions of this phenomenon, Steiner was a master at describing the archetype that was entering human consciousness. I’m not sure why he thought that he could predict it to the year, but you are right – he did predict it. I would say the mass trauma of 9-11, 2001 was the trigger that ushered in the observable phenomenon for the American public (perhaps by extension to the European cultures as well, if they were not already steeped in it after the World War II trauma).

    I am not sure that this applies to the rest of the human race, though it has always been there in a certain form, and has long been spreading – Chinese communism after their terror-inflicting “cultural revolution” a prime example.

    The essence of this phenomenon is materialism devoid of spirit – devoid of emotion – devoid of recognition of ones eternal, spiritual nature, and awareness of the joys and responsibilities that come with that.

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