The Latest In The Seth Rich Train Wreck: Kim DotCom’s Letter To Seth Rich’s Family


When you can’t add to a story, take it anywhere in your own hands, you can at least sit abstain from noting it’s major developments. Here’s the last major development I have seen, not trying very hard, just taking things off the windshield.

I don’t have a good feeling about this. 

Mommie Dearest media is saying anybody who covers this deserves a “place in hell.” I’ve also heard worse things that I can’t repeat.



This story really drives them straight up the wall.

I wonder why.

5 thoughts on “The Latest In The Seth Rich Train Wreck: Kim DotCom’s Letter To Seth Rich’s Family”

  1. Celia, I’m curious: Would it not drive you “straight up the wall” if your sister or your dad were shot to death on the street, and some guy was playing games with that “story”, claiming he has evidence, but making excuse after excuse for not releasing that evidence, while he smirks smugly in the limelight of an extended “15 minutes of fame”?

    1. I believe Celia was referring to the media being driven up the wall not the Rich family. The Dotcom story challenges the narrative being driven home daily by the media.

      1. Thank you Sharon. I was indeed. It’s a wonderful relief from abusive frequencies not to be deliberately distorted and/or “misunderstood.”

    2. Mr. Powell: In the interests of honesty and candor, I think you should go to your employers and confess to not being effective in disrupting this site, and ask to be reassigned to some other website whose readers have a much lower IQ than those who read and post here.
      All you have accomplished on TTB is to waste our time with you mellifluous drivel.

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