Stefan Molyneux Talks to Charles Ortel

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..About the true depth of the cancer in government, what Ortel calls the “uni party cabal.”

“There isn’t a sense in this country…that we’ve actually been making progress for 17 years.

“The mainstream media was gutted by, I would argue, 1999-2002, that time frame–the traditional approach of letting editors sit on top of journalists and, you know, have a long lede time between when a story is conceived and the time it reaches an audience, the notion that the imprimatur of The Washington Post or The New York Times would be enough to know that it’s truth or fiction…that’s all dead.”


–Charles Ortel



Bio: Charles Ortel is a former Wall Street banker, having been a Managing Director at Dillon Read and Newport Value Partners, and private financial investor. In 2007 he became a whistleblower and was instrumental in bringing down General Electric after revealing GE’s fraudulently overvaluing its stock by many billions of dollars to mislead its investors. For the past fifteen months, Charles has been undertaking a thorough review of the financial records and collaborations and networks of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. His analysis investigated the Foundation’s fundraising practices, its allies and associates, its so-called charitable interests, and its political and corporate connections both in Washington and overseas. He received his BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His weekly blog exposing the Clinton Foundation can be found at


His many interviews on the subject are widely available online. I highly recommend this one, on Progressive Radio Network, PRN:


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