Peter And The Wolf: Can You Remember Feeling Your Feelings?



About an hour ago, I walked to my phone, which was ringing, in the bedroom. All of a sudden, I was humming Peter and the Wolf, out loud. I think it was Peter’s theme.

I am only able to get to the oboe, the duck, before I feel unable to bear the feelings that come up.

I will push through again later. Tell me how you feel, listening to it.

Such a mysterious masterpiece by Prokofiev–it’s like the Room of Rooms, where you can’t escape anything you don’t want to feel. The music makes you feel all stories, of all people, all at once, in a few notes, with instruments speaking in ways words never can.

It made me go to pieces, even as a child.


4 thoughts on “Peter And The Wolf: Can You Remember Feeling Your Feelings?”

  1. Peter and the Wolf touched me very much…too. The way the bird flew around the tree! Peter’s pluck!
    Yes! one was quite inside the cottage with Grandfather, with his one temperament. Yet it was mellower, more rounded, than ‘The Little Mermaid’ …the witch cutting out the tongue, and silencing her..and the underwater music..deeper than deep..swirlier than swirly. Tchaikovsky? My eyes clung to, and followed, the grain of the wood in my mother’s wardrobe, to steady my soul, to find a pathway through too-muchness, overwhelming feeling. Poor mermaid!
    But Celia, how grateful I feel, that You, sensitive, toiling for true, have not been silenced, in rather a witched world. Thank you, that you seek the changes in the grain, and keep tracking.

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