Did Seth Rich Have Contact With Wikileaks? Who Killed Him?


This is the best article I have found after hours of “scouring” the internet. It opens about 14 cans of worms and closes none. But at least it sounds like reporters put it together, unlike American journalism which has all its conclusions already baked in; sounds and feels like propaganda.

If you already know what the truth needs to be, i.e. you went to Globalism School, then don’t be a reporter. Reporters are crazy, and driven by an unconscious death wish, which is a necessary attribute. They know how to get people to talk. The best ones know how to also make those same people not to regret it. If you are too good, as a reporter, like Michael Hastings, or Gary Webb, you will have lost your life, right after you lost all your friends, and your editor’s support.

The British still dominate when it comes to journalism. We have no journalism culture, in the US. We have propaganda wars.

I have no doubt journalists would like to be real shoe-leather reporters here, but there are no politically neutral places to report anymore so they are left to either report propagandistically or not at all.

Everything is rotten fish, indignant hysteria, Trump revulsion,  and conspiracy-soaked conspiracy snobbery now.

Except: Wikileaks, which uses raw data only and has a 100% record of no “fake” news, i.e. false documents. For this reason, I believe that Wikileaks has already rendered all of western journalism obsolete. It’s all just a huge dysfunctional bar brawl, compared to Wikileaks, which offers at least the chance, if we have the stamina, to locate what actually has transpired in our time.

Sara Carter at Circa is doing good work. Why will only Sean Hannity talk to her?

Want to play Shoot The Messenger? You can make a good living in U.S. media if you just master the dark art of pure contempt for what a fact may or may not be. Usually you can save yourself 25 phone calls or a trip out the front door merely by saying “FOX news…” with the right timbre of Globalist contempt.








1 thought on “Did Seth Rich Have Contact With Wikileaks? Who Killed Him?”

  1. Jullian Asange has been saying it was Seth Rich from the get go. Why would he decide to start this conspiracy theory? What’s his motive?

    On one hand we’ve got this story that Russia did it, with no evidence to go along with it. Asange said it wasn’t them.

    When was the exact moment when Asange went sour for the left? He was their golden boy for a while, what went so wrong, so fast, and so absolutely?

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