Comey Sends Nation Into New Tailspin Over Memo, Deflects Attention From Seth Rich Murder


“I hope you can let this go.”

Is that so terrible?

Here’s the NYT story that broke within the hour.

Now, I don’t think he was a kind, soft fuzzy man, but…you know what?  .

Nixon would have a tape. 

I would prefer, as an American, not to hang the Republic on the word and memory of Mr. Comey.

I want to wager a bet: Trump has a tape. I mean a recording.

Let’s see if the tape remembers the conversation the same way he does. Until then, let’s do our best to keep calm, open minds, which can receive incoming information, without filtering for our own preconceived beliefs.

Meanwhile: Watch Comey morph in front of your eyes from somebody they despised and distrusted, thought to be crazy, to somebody they revere.

At this rate, he could be TIME Magazine’s Man Of The Year.


(Sorry– Person of The Year.)


“The only story that matters is what the MSM has created this cover up for in the first place. SETH RICH. The murdered DNC staffer, as of today a federal prosecutor confirmed he sent over 44,000 emails to Wikileaks. But that would destroy the whole fake Russia story so ofcourse no one will talk about it. Look it up! Do your own research. He was a Bernie supporter, and didn’t like the way the party was openly against him. Regardless of how you feel about Trump, this is wrong, and he lost his life.”

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6 thoughts on “Comey Sends Nation Into New Tailspin Over Memo, Deflects Attention From Seth Rich Murder”

  1. Oh brother , Chasing Ghosts , hey how is pizzagate working out for you is it still an ongoing investigation

    1. Something like 3500 arrests of late, child trafficking and pedophilia rings, just as everybody who examined “Pizzagate” said. Thanks for asking. How’s it going on your end? Does it ever hurt to be on the wrong side of history?

      1. Prove it, you’re a journalist. Prove it show me one case that’s tied to Comet Pizza and podesta or Hillary Clinton, just one , put your money where your mouth is, while you’re busy doing that , Google trumps friend who was running sex trafficking from involving trumps Florida estate

        1. You prove 1 case thats directly involved with , comet , podesta or Hillary clinton. I will get in a cab and come to the west side and hand you $1000. No alex jones , rt or any other bullshit nonsense.

  2. Fabrication of news by fake news, yellow journalism, as it used to be called, can be done by anyone. I would like to post my true yellow journalism. In which, I believe is the chain of events:
    Clinton insider sees what an evil is being unleashed on America, sends to Wikileaks, gets murdered, Wikileaks posts reward, Hillary invents Russia involvement & collusion to cover up murder, Police cover up investigation. Sessions must get his hands on the murdered “Patriot” computer & the computer of Carlos Danger. Obama sent emails to Hillary, He Knew. They all knew. Including Comey. They will all go to jail. All that is fake news, or is it? Think about, on how Cheney fabricated with Hillary’s assistance, evidence of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” , shunted war to Iraq instead of Afghanistan & Cheney’s ex company benefited. Evidence?? WMD?? Where is evidence of collusion? Everything I wrote above is fake. Except that America Must Honor The Patriot That Crushed The Witch

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