Are We Possibly Stuck In A Gigantic Murder Cover-Up, Leading To The Ultimate Heart Of American Darkness?


Comment submitted to The Truth Barrier by Peter R. Mare:

“Fabrication of news by fake news, yellow journalism, as it used to be called, can be done by anyone. I would like to post my true yellow journalism. In which, I believe is the chain of events:
Clinton insider sees what an evil is being unleashed on America, sends to Wikileaks, gets murdered, Wikileaks posts reward, Hillary invents Russia involvement & collusion to cover up murder, Police cover up investigation. Sessions must get his hands on the murdered “Patriot” computer & the computer of Carlos Danger. Obama sent emails to Hillary, He Knew. They all knew. Including Comey. They will all go to jail. All that is fake news, or is it? Think about, on how Cheney fabricated with Hillary’s assistance, evidence of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” , shunted war to Iraq instead of Afghanistan & Cheney’s ex company benefited. Evidence?? WMD?? Where is evidence of collusion? Everything I wrote above is fake. Except that America Must Honor The Patriot That Crushed The Witch.”

[Ed: I would have asked the writer to change the word “witch,” on grounds that I find the word very troubling, having read “Witch Craze: A New History Of The European Witch Hunts by Anne L. Barstow. There is no such thing as a “witch.” The greatest holocaust that ever occurred was on women in Europe, for centuries, and we stand here today because it was finally overcome. It peaked in Salem, Mass.  I hope you understand the difference between being careful with choosing words and being censorious about words, Peter. I’m not into thought/word policing. I appreciate your comment very much and hope it spurs a big discussion. Long overdue.]

5 thoughts on “Are We Possibly Stuck In A Gigantic Murder Cover-Up, Leading To The Ultimate Heart Of American Darkness?”

  1. Celia, I have been locked out of twitter, they say they are checking and show a picture of a broken light bulb, I guess that is me. Please try to send me something & if you can access anything. I tried to send you today’s Sun daily weather report on pregnant women flyers Cosmic Ray warning along with airline workers: You must check out this site every morning. Earth Cooling next 100 years, started last year, when Sun entered 400 year Grand Solar Minimum. 17th Century Famine & Crop Failure history must warn the “Bread Basket” part of our country that the intensity they feel now is the Sun being normal. Normal in the Americas was natural jungle and a lot of Native Americans who recorded history of that time by word of mouth. Terry & I need you to carry on for us, to deliver our message to Humanity that Co-enzyme Q10 Oxygenates every cell & Free Radical Cancer Cells attack Oxidized cells caused by negative emotions and prescription Statin drugs that destroy all CoQ10 in every cell. Let us see how long it will take for twitter to “Repair Me” Disqus banned me. I believe our efforts to issue “Fake News Article” that the unsolved murder of Seth Rich by Hillary in order to silence what he knows and is now held in his laptop along with Wiener’s laptop. You may find yourself off of twitter, real soon. Cancer Industry hates me with a passion in Our Quest:

  2. I understand Celia’s point but I’m afraid Peter is Correct. Former Clinton operative and hit man back from the days in Arkansas has come out in recent years talking about Hillary’s regular trips to CA when she was First Lady to attend witches events. He’s been saying that for years whether you believe he has cancer or not.

    Also find the Clinton Chronicles on YouTube and google “Clinton body count”

    Many are satanists as the Podesta Wikileaks emails will suggest. Pedophilia and blood sacrifice thrive at the highest levels of governments, the three city-states and the royal family.

    1. Hi Sal, Do you remember our Presidents first debate? It went badly for him. The sniffing. His nervous agitation. He was not himself. Did you wonder why? I did. When this election cycle started & Bernie was against her, I actively supported Bernie. Getting signatures in New York to get him on ballot, & registering voters at college campuses. When Traitor Bernie supported a person, who he stated was unqualified to be President, I switched to Donald, in a heartbeat, & volunteered at Trump Tower phone bank, during the first debate. When I determined that Donald had a spell cast upon him, that caused his discombobulation I gave “The Cross Of Saint Benedict” & powerful Prayer Card to Barbara (in charge of phone bank) to give to him. She stated she left it with the guard at the elevators and was sure that Donald received the Cross. The next two debates Empath Donald’s light covered the darkness of the empty soul. Satan is real, in spirit form. If you wish to view “The Cross Of Saint Benedict” go to my twitter banner, & pray that the Satanists are defeated by Empath Knight Templar Sir Donald

  3. Interesting how Trump is described as an inept bungler most of the time, but at a convenient moment he is capable of making up this most convoluted conspiracy to go after his enemies.

  4. Thank you for posting my thoughts. Warlocks & Witch’s are real. I do not use the word lightly. Have you looked up any reports of Hillary & Podesta to a California Coven? There is the Lolita Island news. Child Abuse & Deep State human slavery & Drug cartels CIA connections, Iran Contra. Tucker Carlson just had a guy on that stated we have 4 branches of Government President, Congress, Supreme Court & Intelligence Military. Ike stated it Military Industrial Complex, in his 1961 farewell address. In it he also stated to beware of government funded Universities to bend science & drug reports to fit the course the government wants. I will not use the term again. Do you really believe that there are no such Humans that have been given a special gift? That we never asked for?

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