I received this news from Andrew Wakefield just now.

The Truth Barrier published this story from Poland on May 14.

The Poland news came via Sheila Lewis Ealey, (whose story, of twin children, one vaccinated with MMR, one not, one who got autism, one who did not) is in the film.

If our friends in Poland can tell us more, we would love to know. Has there been a national debate in Polish media? How is it all playing out?

What country might air Vaxxed on national TV next?






  1. Dear Celia and all, concerning Dr Andrew Wakefield and antibigpharma heroes against children deseases. I’ve been recently contested by a very good person and scientist, who red publications reporting said economic interests of Dr Andrew Wakefield in adopting single-vaccines patented by himself. If possible, please let me know best links or reference publications on the matter, since such disinformation level is always seriously frustrating the awareness of good dupe people. Thank you, sincerely.

  2. Dr Andrew Wakefield, the hero of hundreds of thousands of us, who will not sit down and be silent, who will not go away, and will not tolerate our children being sacrificed and then maligned shunned and ignored. The people know! The Tsunami of parents saying no more to vaccines cannot be hidden by the lies and the media for much longer.

  3. Sweden, now Poland. This is such wonderful news. Vaccine industry execs are going to be losing sleep over this. Their fantasies of being ‘masters of the universe’ are crashing. Is this going to be a ‘vaccine Spring’?

    Game on!

  4. I recently told a friend that We–as in We The People–are winning. “we are????” she replied, “… I’d love to hear more about that.”
    Well, my friend, look at what’s happening globally. Even poor, PC’d-to-death Sweden stands up and strikes down mandatory vaccination. Now Poland airs VAXXED! Solidarnez, anyone? Brexit.
    And in the US, tens of millions of fed-up voters got behind a ;political outsider. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is our President. Several thousand pedophiles have been brought down. Trump ask RFK jr and Di Niro to look into vaccines. Didn’t some country recently kick out Bill Gates and his sterilizing free “medicine”?
    I’m also pretty sure that some time this year we’ll have massive UFO flybys all around the globe.
    I rest my case.

      1. One step at a time, at least there is a CHOICE to buy a filter that reduces the fluoride in household water.

  5. Wonderful news, remember, someone must start first and lead! Thank you Andrew Wakefield, you’ve done beautifully with the strange and difficult deck you have been handed.

    Heidi Dunson

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