The Inoculated Girls: Denmark’s Gardasil Expose On TV2


“We can see that it’s serious. There’s a systemic dysfunction. I can tell that they’re seriously ill.”

–Niels Gregersen,

Arhus University Hospital


“You have no idea how bad this is.”

–Dr. Louise Brinth



Note: This program ran on Danish state TV’s channel TV2. Denmark is an outpost of first amendment freedom, and known for strong laws guaranteeing freedom of the press.



3 thoughts on “The Inoculated Girls: Denmark’s Gardasil Expose On TV2”

  1. Another thought: The Public Health Service, whose employees are the CDC, is a part of the Department of Defense, the world’s most prolific agency in biowarfare research and development. This is just what they are conducting on the population of the U.S. and the world. Population reduction through medical biowarfare. The world fertility rate was stable from 1950 to 1970, at 4.8-4.9. Since then it has steadily dropped, to 2.6. In much of Europe, and in Japan, it is at or below the replacement level of 2.1.

  2. This may be the most dangerous vaccine ever, one for which it is impossible to know or predict anything about efficacy because of the time lag of decades between the shot and a diagnosis of cervical cancer.. The clinical trial reports for Gardasil are available on the CDC website. They show a serious adverse event (ER visit or hospitalization) rate of 1%, 1 out of one hundred, for Gardasil, and 0.9% for Gardasil 9 (including deaths). Clinical trials always use a carefully selected group, but the vaccines (or drugs) are always released to the general population, where the rate of adverse events will always be higher. Licensing Gardasil (and Ceravix) was a criminal act of monstrous proportions, and Gerberding, DeStefano, Boyle, the ACIP members, and the NIH itself should be indicted for murder.

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