Swedish Parliament Strikes Down Mandatory Vaccination: National Health Federation Cites Constitutional Protection From Pre-Meditated Murder



The Vaccine Reich is hoping nobody notices what just happened in Sweden: The Parliament considered, and struck down, mandatory vaccination laws presented by politician named Sofia Arkelsten, of Sweden’s right of center party Moderaterna, (M.)


Other motions, including for additional vaccines added to the schedule and HPV vaccines for boys, were also rejected.

Age of Autism published this report. Being half Swedish and fluent in the language, all my journalistic instincts started firing with the notion that I had stumbled upon a very big angle that even the vaccine reform movement seemed unexcited by. This happened when I opened a PDF from National Health Federation (NHF) Sweden, with its objections submitted the the Swedish Parliament. NHF is the world’s oldest non-profit for alternative medicine, I believe. They and many others, submitted objections to 16 of 89 proposals made to the Parliament about Swedish public health, (“folk halsa”) which included matters about everything from vaccines, drugs and alcohol, to suicide prevention, to trying to urge Sweden to officially recognize the fact that horses have a therapeutic effect on humans. [This is in the parliamentary debate–and I am impressed!]

Here’s what I found significant–a passage from NHF detailing why exactly it would be a violation of the Swedish Constitution to mandate vaccines: (My translation)



National Health Federation, Sweden

Delegates in The Social Commission






Statement about Sofia Arkelsten’s Mandatory Vaccination Bill 2015/16 :430


Sofia Arkelsten’s motion may not lie as a foundation for any proposition since:


–It violates parliamentary foundation 2 chap 6.


–It violates the fact that all Swedish medical care, according to existing laws, is based on free will with regard to medication and other treatment (with the exception of forced hospitalization.)


–It violates article 8 in ECHR, about human rights


–It violates the Nuremberg Code (vaccines lack satisfactory scientific foundation, since there have never been any adequate risk-benefit analysis comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated. Thus all vaccination must be seen as experimental mass research.)


–It violates the Helsinki Declaration (vaccines lack satisfactory scientific foundation, because there has never been risk/benefit research comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated. Thus all vaccination must be seen as experimental mass research.

Every Citizen Is Societally Protected From Enforced Physical Bodily Intervention


Society is for all people. Citizens may not be discriminated against. It is equality by law that is essential. Neither the state, politicians, nor society owns citizens bodies and also does not have the right to decide what to do with them. In the parliamentary code it says: “Every citizen is against public [civic] protected against bodily intervention.” This covers all forms of forced interventions and makes forced vaccination impossible. Sweden has foundational laws that protect against enforced intervention, which mandatory vaccination involves. Thus Sofia Arkelsten’s motion can not be considered in such a way that it leads to a proposition of a law.


ECHR—Human Rights


 Political initiatives such as mandating vaccinations against people’s will is an act that legally could be considered premeditated murder, as well as attempt to cause bodily harm. The reason for this is that through grounded research and published studies, it is indisputable that vaccines can lead to serious adverse effects, bodily damage, conditions of sickness and even death for some of the vaccinated individuals.


This came at the same time as The Boston Herald published an editorial essentially calling for the “hanging” of vaccine critics, by calling vaccine skepticism a “hanging offense.” The storm of protest about this period piece of an article is formidable; It is literally “hate speech” but as I have stressed in the past, there is a gaping hole in hate speech laws, so long as minority “ideas” are not incorporated into protections.  Only race, sexual orientation–etc.

My colleague Pal Bergstrom told me in an online exchange today that there was “no coverage” in Sweden about the Parliament’s rejection of mandatory vaccination, and that he believes this was only part of a bugger push to come. He also told me that Italy is pushing for mandatory vaccines right now. This article details how media led messes scares in Germany, Sweden, Finland, and other countries are invariably followed by these attempts to make vaccine mandatory, as happened so disastrously here in the US, with the Disney World scare and the implementation of SB 277 in California.

I will translate it in a future post–it is very eye-opening.

I was unable to locate any direct quotes from the Parliamentary debate, but Swedish analyst and blogger Mr. Bergstrom has agreed to shed additional light on it all tomorrow, by replying to my questions.

In conclusion, I can say this: Sweden stayed neutral in yet another war. That’s the good news. One only wishes they were less quiet about it.


(With special thanks to Andrew Wakefield and Shiela Lewis Ealey for talking to me about this, as I sought clarity, and with apologies to both for some of yesterday’s over-reaching interpretations.)







10 thoughts on “Swedish Parliament Strikes Down Mandatory Vaccination: National Health Federation Cites Constitutional Protection From Pre-Meditated Murder”

  1. Sorry to disillusion but there IS no Constitution in America…The Presidents are CEO’s of the CORPORATION America…They wrangled that a long time ago without anyone being the wiser…better wake up and stand up- or forever hold your peace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWqNpXdZqWk (and this is just ONE) Do your own research and YEAH get angry- Sons and fathers have died to protect the Constitution…never knowing it does not exist. All thanks to an evil Corporation of secret societies that JFK warned of in his speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8HTr-F-FVM

  2. Proposal for mandatory vaccination was put forward to the Swedish Parliament by Sofia Arkelsten, MP from the Moderate Party. She is also a member of the Swedish Riksdag, the supreme decision-making body of Sweden.
    In 2014 she made public that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). http://ki.se/en/research/sofia-arkelsten-to-be-diagnosed-was-liberating

    I sent a message (27th March 2017) to the Swedish Riksdag drawing attention to the potentially increased risk of multiple sclerosis following hepatitis B vaccines
    and requesting that the message be forwarded to the 349 members. Similar messages were sent to Sofia Arkelsten personally and to all the political parties.

  3. “Every Citizen Is Societally Protected From Enforced Physical Bodily Intervention”, except when it comes to the ‘Physical Bodily Intervention’ by muslims’ animal behavior. Hypocrites.

  4. Sweden surely has the most intelligent and compassionate government I’ve ever seen. I have the misfortune of living in the USA where our government is bought and paid for by Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Fossil Fuel, and, well, you get the idea. And the new Trump administration is just horrible when it comes to protecting and serving its citizens. I’d move to Sweden if I could, but since I can’t, I just have to keep fighting against tyranny any way I can.

    1. Please do. Ready to be assaulted? I knew native Swedes who moved to this country after WWII, who never forgave their officially neutral native country for allowing the Nazis to march through and occupy Norway. Now it’s a doormat for muslim animals. The more things change…

  5. This is huge. In faking U$A, so-called land of the free, you are not free, because they can force needles into YOUR body against YOUR will and INJECT you with substances that have never been proven to work as advertised. And many of those substances are known toxins. Such as mercury and aluminum. Very hard to get aluminum out of the brain and it gets in the brain much more easily via injection than via ingestion (most ingested is eliminated). (Eating supplements curcumin and saffron can help to accomplish removal from brain, per Dr Russell Blaylock, MD neurosurgeon, retired in his May 2017 newsletter titled, ‘Saffron: Ancient Spice Offers Amazing Health Benefits’)

    Did you know the so-called ‘vaccine safety studies’ allow vaccine manufacturers to do the following:
    1) test the vaccine (with, say, aluminum added as an ‘adjuvant’) against a ‘placebo’.

    But guess what is allowed to be in the so-called ‘placebo’.


    And of course the aluminum ‘placebo’ causes great harm, but compared to the vaccine-with-aluminum the ‘placebo’ is only slightly less harmful– so the vaccine industry ‘scientists’ can say “See, the vaccine only causes a tiny bit more problems than a placebo”.

    Hello!!!!? This is not science!

    I urge all to listen to what senior researcher at M.I.T. says here about all of this.


  6. They. Nailed. It. Hallelujah! If only the cowards and quislings in our own Congress and legislatures actually cared more about the meaning of human rights than their own re-election. Perhaps, for Europeans, the memory of war and suffering have not yet faded, and the Nuremberg code has real meaning? All of those objections are just as applicable to our own Constitution and code of medical ethics.

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