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  1. 20mins walk in the fresh air gives you enough vitamin d. No need for pills. Just get some fresh air and sunshine.

  2. Is it out of the realm of possibility that the powers that be could be out to do eugenics and kill millions through toxins in the food, air, water, vaccines to do population control?

    In a world where Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc killed tens of millions, it is a reasonable question to ask.

    Because sociopathic leaders haven’t vanished from the planet, that is a reasonable question, and there are plenty of readers and posters who routinely call attention to mass murder by governments.

    Below is a link to a great presentation by Dr Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at M.I.T. who has over 200 published science papers. To me, her best papers are the ‘review papers’, where she isn’t explaining her own research, but rather she is marshaling what has been learned from hundreds of science papers. (If all students in America were required to read and write reports on review papers—rather than learn only the minutia of biology—then there would be far less bot-like, knee-jerk anti-science thought.) You can find her papers on her M.I.T. website. More understandable by the layperson are her youtube presentations. The following link is very impressive and will show you why we have such profound levels of illness, with many diseases growing at exponential rates. She has synthesized so much here.

    The inevitable conclusions are shocking. What she is describing, by itself, will bring down the country—with or without the Deep State, Trump, fascism, war, famine, etc. And note how, among all the horrible things Roundup (glyphosate) does, is the little known fact that it may be interfering with Vitamin D-from-the-sun metabolism, yet another reason to take a Vitamin D supplement. Fasten your seatbelt to watch this.


  3. I agree and disagree with his statement: ‘Vit D supplements are no substitute for the sun’. Yes, overall that is true, but it is also true all need to take a supplement. See my piece below, This Sun is For You. And note a vitamin D supplement is not synthetic Vitamin D. It is real D3.

    This Sun is For You
    But, the Vitamin D you ‘should’ be getting from the sun is not likely to be found where it should be—in your body. The medical journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, demonstrates most people are deficient in Vitamin D. It is almost a certainty you do not have an optimal Vitamin D level and it is highly likely your level is in the insufficient range or the deficient range. Get tested! It is not expensive. It is too important to ignore.

    Without adequate Vitamin D you are more likely to get chronic illnesses, cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, type 2 diabetes mellitus, neurocognitive disorders, heart failure, stroke and overall mortality, pregnancy complications and learning disorders in children. Even schizophrenia as a teenager or adult can be a result of not getting enough as a child.

    It is virtually impossible to obtain an optimal level through food, because Vitamin D is NOT found in food, except from fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna,—and even those things won’t give you an optimal level because a) no one eats those every day and 2) they don’t have enough to produce an optimal level. (Milk only has a little added, but not enough, and consuming milk and fish are problematic for other reasons).

    The sun could be the ticket for getting a decent level, BUT there are many things that prevent you from getting Vitamin D from sun. One cannot get enough D from sun on arms and face only. And if shirt is off, or wearing a swim suit, then sunshine usually must be in the summer, spring and fall months when the person lives above or below 33 degrees latitude, but even if at the equator or where the sun shines 24 hours per day, Vitamin D will be made only between approximately 10AM-3PM. And if there is air pollution no Vitamin D will be made because air pollution absorbs UVB which is necessary to strike a molecule of cholesterol on the skin to begin making Vitamin D. So someone in air pollution—for example, Houston, Los Angeles, NYC,or AnyAirPollutionCity–will make zero vitamin D even if they are getting a suntan or sunburned.

    Older people and people with darker skin make way less vitamin D and are especially prone to deficiency. Overweight people need significanly more than the recommended doses.
    Get your Vitamin D level checked, even if you have been supplementing. Most people are going to be shocked at how low it is. Infants up to 1 yr old: 400-1000 IU/day. 1 yr to 18yrs old 1,000 IU per day. Over 18, 2,000 IU day. Pregnant or nursing women 4000-6000 IU/day. Any vitamin D supplementation is better than none, but optimal results start to happen with 2,000 IU or greater per day for adults. 2000 IU is equivalent to only 50 micrograms. A microgram is one-millionth of a gram, a very tiny amount. 2,000 IU per day may sound like a large dose, but it is actually very, very small.

    Starting supplementing now will not appreciably raise your level in a short time, so it is fine to wait to get your level checked. Test results will give you your number. Then you can compare it to the ranges.

    Under 20 is Deficiency
    20 to 29 Insufficiency
    30-40 considered by some to be ‘okay’.
    40 and above is considered ‘optimal’ by the Endocrine Society (not to exceed 100)
    50-80 is optimal level according to doctors I study.

    The older we get the harder it is 1) for D to be made on skin in sunshine and 2) to absorb what we eat as supplements or in food. A good doctor will know what to do if their patient is deficient (under 20) which can mean getting injections of 150,000 IU up to 300,000 IU.

    The first couple pages of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings article have a bit of biochemistry which is amazing, showing the beauty and mystery of how Vitamin D gets made on skin from UVB striking a molecule of cholesterol, then that molecule gets altered by first liver then kidneys then goes to every cell where the DNA has a ‘docking station’—the VDR, Vitamin D Receptor—which is waiting for it (!) to latch on to the DNA and when it does it turns on up to 2000 genes that do marvelous things for us. It is kind of like god’s way—the Great Spirit’s way– of having the sun kiss our DNA: the sun, through Vitamin D, comes inside our body and turns on some marvelous molecular machinery, more intricate and beautiful than anything man has ever made.

    But most people now are deficient—or insufficient—largely because of the bullSh*#t, doctors have been telling us for decades: “Don’t go in the sun! UVB will get you! You’ll get cancer! Wear sunscreen! Wear clothes! UVB is bad! Run, people, run from the sun!” Now, doctors should be admitting “Uh, sorry, er, umm, we made a big mistake, uh, hope you will forgive us even though we’ve now caused you to become very sick with our bad advice, but now we admit that if you DON’T go in the sun and/or take a supplement you will get cancer—and a hundred other things.” To their credit, a few doctors are now automatically checking their patient’s levels.

    Hundreds of billions of dollars—and untold illness and suffering–could be saved worldwide if countries simply encouraged people to supplement with Vitamin D. So much yakking about the drain of health care costs on the economies of the world, and yet…simply giving a few cents worth of Vitamin D to people every day would lower those costs by billions–or trillions–of dollars. Oh, wait, I almost forgot: the medical establishment is more about profits than health. Not the case? Then prove it. Doctors: you can start by getting your patients to take a Vitamin D supplement. Probably the single most important thing you can do to easily help your patients.

    A vitamin D blood level test is inexpensive and everyone should get tested. Tell your doctor you want one. If they balk at that, or try to talk you out of it, then change doctors, especially since vitamin D deficiency is a well-known thing now, so no half-way decent doctor should argue with you about this. In fact, it should be considered malpractice for doctors NOT to routinely test all their patients, without patients having to ask them to do it. The common but very serious complication in pregnancy—preeclampsia—is also related to low Vitamin D.

    Vitamin D supplements are inexpensive, a few cents per day. Vitamin D3 is the best form to take, but D2 works if the patient does not have kidney disease. The Mayo Clinic article has recommendations from experts. (see the article for a full chart).

    Infants up to 1 year old: 400-1000 IU/day (upper limit 2,000 IU/day)
    One year old up to 18 years old: 1,000 IU/day (upper limit 4,000 IU/day) .
    18 and older 2000 IU/day (upper limit: 10,000 IU/day).
    Overweight people and People of color: 2000 or higher.
    Nursing/pregnant women 4,000-6,000/day (upper limit 10,000 IU/day).

    Note: the ‘upper limit’ does NOT mean you cannot take more than those amounts every day for a moderate amount of time. It means you should not take more than that amount every day for the rest of your life. But if you get your level checked occasionally you can easily make sure your test number is not above 100, which most people will never even come close to. Good luck just getting to 40 or 50.

    Supplementing with Vitamin D is one of the single most important things you can do for your health. And even if you have been supplementing for years, getting your level tested is a good idea and not expensive.

    In order for any Vitamin D to be given from the mother to the baby while nursing the mother must be taking 4,000-6,000 IU/day. If the mom is not taking that amount then using a dropper to give 400 (four hundred) IU/day to the baby is necessary. Even if the mother is taking 4,000 IU or more per day, it is still a good idea to give the baby, say, 400 IU/day orally with the dropper using low-concentration liquid Vitamin D. Make sure not to use an adult, concentrated form which has 1,000 IU per drop so that the baby doesn’t get too much. Instead, use an ‘infant Vitamin D formula’ for babies. Well, it is possible to not overdose an infant by using drops containing 1,000 IU per drop—because infants can handle up to 2,000 IU/day. The article will show how even when babies are overdosed tremendously there is no harm, unlike that for Vitamin A, which can be very dangerous if overdosed. Still, it is better to use an infant-formula to give Vitamin D to infants.

    To confirm the above, please see the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, “Vitamin D For Health: A Global Perspective”, available for free on the internet. It is an amazing, brilliant ‘review article derived from hundreds of studies.
    Suggestions, comments, corrections:

    1. Sharon, i always appreciate correction and you may well be right. I first thought: “take down the post.” I post things, you know, as POSSIBLE valid roads to reality. But perhaps I am spreading too thin. Here’s the thing though: Somebody sent me a very alarming article about Erin Elizabeth and it was from the evil of evils, Salon, BUT, it did its job of “making me wonder.” I also can no longer judge whether posting such things as food for thought is playing into “their” hands or….

      AAAAARGH!!! I need a staff of reporters who are not afraid of the truth. White shirts, rolled up, on the men….the women….maybe also white shirts….but I want a staff of REAL reporters, who don’t THINK politically but can smell a true fact like bloodhounds can smell true blood, not fake blood. Sorry to drift off into a useless fantasy about a situation not at hand. Just asking for feedback about how to handle these things. I think maybe i know: Post less “WHAYT IF,” and try to only post CONCRETE facts I myself have discovered?

      1. There are smidgeons of truth in the video; which makes me cautious. In the meantime I will search out the article on Erin Elizabeth at Salon.

        Oh and IMO keep up the what if’s it is good to keep conversation open and minds inquiring.

        1. Marcy, thank you, but I lack the budget to pay reporters and I don’t want to partake in the further torture of real journalists by asking them to work without compensation. Sometimes I can, and do pay contributors–but it’s inconsistent to non-existent. Ot’s been years since I knew any real journalist who was paid to do any real journalism. Arianna Huffington blew out the floors, wall, ceiling, and doors of the American journalistic model, and conned writers into being paid by an abstraction they used to call “access to the hive.” Nightmarish times. Thank you for the links–I will explore.

  4. I call this BS about the doctors having discovered nagalse in vaccines. No where is this mentioned by Erin Elizabeth the woman who first published the dead doctors story. The first 2 doctors were from Florida, but since many others have been found around the country.

    Now the spraying of our skies would be a great way to dim the sun which is happening daily. So I do agree about the slow kill we are under.

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